Englishwoman fucked in the pussy until she screamed

Englishwoman fucked in the pussy until she screamed

Anna White had lots of secrets.  Secrets that she didn’t share with anybody.  She especially didn’t share them with her husband.  Anna and her husband Timothy had their ups and downs.  Anna was a bit wild for her introverted husband.He was very shy and didn’t like to go out much.  Anna was extroverted and liked to party.  She liked going to clubs and dancing.  Timothy would rather die and stayed home when she went out.  He never questioned anything she did.  Anna and Timothy had just had a baby about eight months ago. Anna’s hormones were out of whack.  Her sexual appetite was crazy, and Timothy was rather dull in the bedroom.  He was one of those husband’s that liked vanilla sex.  Anna had different ideas of what she liked.  She gave her husband sex a few times a week and would have dirtier sex on the side.  She had been cheating on Timothy pretty much since the beginning.  He was a good man but very boring in the love department.Anna’s latest encounter was something different.  It was very unusual, and it sparked something inside of her.  Anna loved shoes and she had lots of them.  She liked this little store that was about fifty miles from her house.  She liked going there because there was an interesting man there.You see, he wasn’t tall, dark or handsome.  He was a midget.  He was very good looking and very charming though.  He really knew everything about shoes.  Anna loved shoes and since the store was tucked away in a very hidden place there wasn’t much business when Anna visited.  Anna would try on all the shoes and model them for the little man.  Anna was beautiful and she and the shopkeeper seemed to get along.Anna had a fetish for shoes.  She liked stilettos the best.  The store was called “Hidden Gems.”  They had all kinds of stilettos.  The man who was the shopkeeper was named Joe Dawson.  Joe was a small man in height, but he had a big heart and other surprises that Anna would find out later.  Anna liked flirting with Joe and he made her feel amazing with the compliments he’d give her.  Anna had the baby blues, so any attention she’d get really tickled her fancy.~~Anna was going stir crazy with the baby.  She had pumped enough breast milk for her child for the next week.  She called a friend to watch the baby.  She wanted to visit her favorite shoe store and have a little fun with her new friend.  She took a shower and got herself all made up.  She wore a silk blouse which showed off her amazing breasts and a short skirt with a pair of stiletto boots that she bought the previous week.  She did her hair and applied her makeup to make her beautiful face even more beautiful.  Anna had wavy blonde hair which was long enough to wear in a ponytail.  She had the bluest eyes and her lips were always perfectly painted with red lipstick.She loved how she looked and waiting for her friend.  She gave her friend all the instructions and told her she’d be back by eight o’clock in the evening.  She left money for her friend to order dinner. Anna got into her car and turned the radio up loud and sped away.  She was off to see her friend Joe at “Hidden Gems” shoe store.  She needed a new pair of shoes and wanted to get laid.  She had never had sex with a midget before, but since meeting him, it was all she could think about.  In fact, she masturbated to the idea of having sex with him.  She was very turned on by him and even watched pornos of MILF’s having sex with midgets.  The movies really made her cum.  She couldn’t wait to proposition her sexy new friend.The shoe store was approximately fifty miles from her house.  It was far enough for the slutty housewife to have sex with somebody who wasn’t her husband.  Anna had men all over the place.  She liked sex and liked men.  Although, she also had sex with women too.  She just hated sex with her vanilla husband.  When she had sex with her husband, she’d just shut her eyes and think about all her other lovers.  It was quite sad, but her affairs made her happy.Anna had finally arrived at the shoe store.  She parked in the back and walked into the store.  Her friend walked up to her and greeted her.“Well hello, pretty lady.  You came at a good time.  Just got a new shipment of shoes for you to look at.”“Oh great.  I’m looking for a new pair.”Anna licked her lips when Joe went back into the stock room to get the shoes for her to look at.  He came back with several boxes and helped her put them on.The first pair were black shiny leather stilettos.  The next pair was tan style stiletto boots.  Anna really liked the boots.  She just loved shoes. “I really like the boots.  I think I want those.”“Good choice.  You look amazing in them.”Joe took the shoes and rang them up for her.  She paid with her credit card.  They had idle chat while he rang up her sale.  He put the boots in a bag and handed them to Anna.“You know, I’ve been thinking about you a lot since we met.  I really want to have sex with you.  Would you like to have sex with me?”Joe just looked at the gorgeous beauty and couldn’t believe that she wanted him for sex.  He was glad to oblige but would treat her like a complete slut.  She was married and wore a ring on her finger.  She had just had a baby, because she wore breast pads in her bra.  He couldn’t be more pleased that the slutty housewife wanted to have sex with him.  She’d be in for a treat, but,
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didn’t know that yet.“You want to have sex with me?  You want to have sex with a midget?  Is it something you’ve dreamed about?”“Yes!”“Tell me what a whore you are!”“I’m a filthy whore that wants sex with a little man.”“Have you masturbated about having sex with me?”“Yes.  I want to have sex.  I’m a filthy whore that wants to fuck a midget.”“Take your fucking clothes off,” slut!Anna stood in front of her new friend and slowly unbuttoned her blouse.  She threw it on the floor.  She unhooked her bra and threw it down on the floor.  She unbuttoned her skirt and pulled the zipper down and stepped out of her skirt.“Leave the boots on,” Joe shouted.Anna stood there stark naked and danced around the store naked.  Her breasts leaked from her breast milk.  She hoped that would be sexy to the little man.Joe took off his clothes and to Anna’s surprise, had a monster cock.  She had no idea how something so big would belong to a little man.  She was lucky to have met this wonderful man with a huge schlong.“Surprised, are you?  Suck it, bitch!”Anna picked Joe up and put him on the counter.  She worked her lipstick stained lips up and down the little man’s shaft.  He spoke to her very dirty while she sucked his manhood. “You’re a dirty slut!  Your husband would love to know what a whore he married?  Does he know you fuck midgets?”Anna gobbled his dick up.  Her head bobbed up and down his enormous shaft.  Joe watched the beauty give him a wonderful blowjob.  He never came while she sucked him off. She made all the usual sucking noises while she fed on his monster cock.  She was surprised how nicely he was shaved in his groin.  She wondered if he had a lot of sex.  She wanted to please her midget lover.  She couldn’t wait for him to fuck her.  It was just like the porno films she previously watched.After a while, Joe wanted to fuck the housewife.  He was turned on and wanted to slide his sausage up the hot cunt’s vagina.  She too was nicely waxed in her vagina area.“Get down on all fours!  I’m going to fuck you like a dog!”Anna got down on all fours and Joe spat on his palm and wiped his spit all over her pussy.  He wanted to taste her pussy too.  He opened his mouth and explored her pussy lips with his tongue.  Anna moaned while he licked her cunt.  She came on his tongue.  She was ready for him to fuck her.Joe slid his cock slowly into her pussy.  Her pussy was moist while he slipped his monster cock into the slutty housewife.  He held her hips and slammed his cock into her vagina.  He pushed his index finger into her asshole and fucked that too while fucking her cunt.“You’re a dirty whore that likes midgets!  Tell me how you love my cock!”“I love your big cock.  Fuck me harder!”Joe fucked her hard and fingered her asshole.  She came several times while he fucked her hard.  She liked it hard and the little man rammed her with his meat.  He fucked her vagina first and then pushed slowly into the slutty wife’s asshole.  She moaned liked a cat in heat when he went into her secret spot.  He didn’t last very long while fucking her anus.“Fuck!  I’m coming!  You’re quite a whore!  A beautiful filthy slut!”  Joe pulled out of her asshole and his cock was dripping of his cum.“Lick my cock clean, slut!”Anna picked her lover up and put him back on the counter.  He opened his legs wide and she licked up his cum from his dick.  She tasted her sweet pussy juices on his cock.  She licked him clean.“I want to taste that sexy breast milk.  Cradle me in your arms and let me taste your sweet milk.”“That’s so sexy.”Anna grabbed her new lover in her arms.  Her breasts were huge and hung there.  She put her first nipple into his mouth.  He sucked her nipple and the warm milk dripped into his mouth.  He played with her other breast while drinking her delicious breast milk. Anna was turned on by her small lover drinking her milk.  He twisted and played with her other nipple while emptying her first breast out.  When her breast was drained, he moved to the next breast.  Anna played in Joe’s hair while he drank her next breast.  He closed his eyes while breastfeeding on her huge jugs.  This made Anna horny again and she came while he fed on her tits. “You’re a hot bitch!  Your milk was so fucking tasty.  I’ll want to drink your milk when you visit again next Friday.  Fuck you’re hot!”Anna was dizzy after her lover drank her milk.  He stood up and jacked off looking at his hot new lover.  He wanted her to watch him cum again.  He shot a load that hit the wall.“Wow!  That’s about all I can say.”“You like having sex with a midget?   So, do my other sluts!  You can be my Friday lover.  I already have a slut for the rest of the week.  You’re not the first horny housewife I fucked.  Seems there are lots of whores that like to fuck little men.  Get dressed whore!  I need to lock up for the night! Thanks for the warm milk!”Anna got dressed and took her boots that she bought earlier.  Her pussy and asshole were sore.  She kissed Joe on the mouth and went back to her car.  She sped off thinking of her very dirty encounter.  She’d need a hot bath to soak her private parts.  She could never have her husband find out about this.  He’d be devastated that she was having sex with a midget.  It would ruin his male psyche.  Men were weird like that.

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