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Make Blowjob With Chef And Swallow And Cum If You Ask Her Beautifully

The next morning I opened my eyes, stared at the alarm clock, and panicked. "Jordan, WAKE UP! We over slept, we have to be down at the beach, and on the boat in an hour." He woke up with a questioning voice, "What? How did we over sleep?" "We must've forgotten to set an alarm. We are taking the boat to the other touristy areas today. The boat leaves in less than an hour. It's the only boat that leaves here today." "Okay, I'm up." "Good, I'll meet you in the lobby in forty-five minutes. I got to go get ready." He kissed me good-bye, "I'll be waiting for you gorgeous." I smiled and quickly left the room. *** When I arrived in the lobby, I found him sitting in a large chair, back turned away, watching TV. I snuck up behind him, put my arms around his neck, and kissed his cheek. "Let's go, are you ready?" "Yes, let's go." He placed his arm around me as we walked. As we walked outside, the weather was gorgeous, light breeze, warm, and sunny. It was far from the snow we had back home. We got to the docks just in time. The boat was relatively empty, their was another couple, and the three members of the crew. We sat across the open boat from the other couple, and made small talk with them. They were friendly, and talked about how they were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. They asked if we were married, had any kids, and a few other questions. We told them that we weren't actually a couple, and how we were on business. I told them I was married, and had two little ones at home. As the boat skidded across the water, waves gently splashing, we continued our conversation. There wasn't much that we didn't talk about. Once we got to the shops, we said good-bye. Jordan and I had been to these shops before. It was nice to see the merchants once again. I always loved buying things from them, for them, this was their only income. Most of my jewelry, a few shirts, a few kid toys, and pieces that decorate the office, all came from these stands. Jordan also bought plenty from these people. The first stand we visited was the little jewelry stand. I bought a new pair of earrings, and a metallic turtle necklace. Jordan bought his sister a gorgeous set of earrings and a matching necklace, her sixteenth birthday was coming up and he wanted her have a nice gift. We continued to shop around, buying a few things. We bought lunch at a little shack, we had eaten there almost every time we came. We sat and ate lunch, and had a casual conversation. I couldn't believe our time was coming to an end in just a few days. I loved my husband back home, but I think I was in love with Jordan more. Jordan said jokingly, "You know, you still have a debt to pay later on." I laughed, "Yeah, I know. It's really your fault!" Chuckling he said, "My fault, how is it my fault?" "You knew by ordering me rum and punch, I'd get up on stage in no time. That's why when I excused myself to go to the restroom, you took advantage and told the waiter that's what I wanted." "You always order rum and punch, how was I supposed to know you didn't want it." I just laughed, "I never leave debts unpaid, we have dinner plans after we get back, after that I will pay you." He smirked, and didn't say a word. I checked the time. "We need to start heading back, the boat leaves in half an hour." As we walked back we talked and laughed. The same couple was on the boat already, and once we were on, we left. *** After we got back, we went to our own rooms to put the stuff we had bought away, I called Kyle to see how the kids and him were doing. It was good to hear everyone again, it was the first time I had been away from the baby this long. I kn
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ew Kyle was great with the kids, but it didn't make me worry any less. After I hung up with Kyle, I slipped into nicer clothes, and headed out for dinner. At dinner Jordan and I talked about tomorrow's plans, and how the trip was almost over. We started to assess each pro and con, and decided that this was a resort that we wanted to feature. Jordan said that he'd start working on making a pamphlet of the resort to hand out. We agreed that the upcoming bridal shows would be a great place to feature this resort. After dinner, we went back up to his room. We got onto his laptop, and started the general outline for the pamphlet. After working on it for about half an hour I said, "I still have a debt, and I want to pay it off." He kissed my lips, "Oh? So, are you going to make me stop working?" I closed his computer, sat it on the table next to the bed, and straddled his lap. "Yes! This is a vacation too, it can't be all work." I placed my arms around his neck and kissed him. We made out for almost half an hour. I licked his neck, and started sucking on it. I went down and undid his pants. As soon as I pulled his boxers down, his nine inch long, three inch girth, cock sprang straight up. It was a beautiful sight, I immediately began to go to work. I kissed the top of the head, I twirled my tongue on top of it, and slowly began to suck. After a couple minutes, I removed my shirt and bra, and began to suck again. A few more minutes of bobbing up and down passed, and I got up, and took my pants off, leaving me totally nude. Jordan took his shirt off, and I went back to playing with him in my mouth. Right before he came, I stopped. I crawled up next to him, rubbed his chest, and kissed him. This gave him a few minutes to refocus, and not to cum right now. After he had time to gather his focus, I straddled his torso, and slid him inside my pussy. I moaned as I slid him inside, "Mhmm." I moved slow, with his length, it took a minute before I could get him all inside. Once he was fully inside me, I began to ride him, I moved back and forth. Jordan took his hand and spanked my ass. I yelped. He slid his fingers across my butt, before long I felt one rubbing, and slowly making entrance to my second hole. The feeling of being stimulated from the rear took me over the edge, "Mhmm. Fuck yeah. Oh. That feels soo good." I continued to ride him, and he continued to finger fuck my ass. After a minute or two I asked, "Do you want to do anal?" His eyes lit up, "Yeah, but only if you want too." I leaned in for a kiss, "Yeah, let's try it at least." I got up, and he got onto his knees. After I was on all fours, he slowly began to push himself in. I could feel his head was in, and he slowly began to thrust into further inside. As he entered he put his left arm around my leg, holding me still. His right hand was busy fingering my pussy. I began to moan, "Oh that feels good, so so good." His fingers and cock thrusted in perfect unison. It wasn't long before I was cumming, "Oh. Oh. Fuck me. Mhmm. Ahh. ugh, mhmm." Jordan continued pounding my ass, after a few minutes, he came. We cuddled up in the sheets, and talked for a few minutes. It was perfect. He confessed, "I never did anal before, I hope I didn't hurt you. It felt so good, and I was lost in the moment." I kissed him, "You didn't hurt me, it felt good. I loved how you remembered to please my pussy too." He smiled, wrapped me in his arms a little tighter, and kissed my lips. "You're the best." We smiled at each other, and I drifted to sleep. There was nothing that could've made the night any better, I was wrapped in the arms of one of the best guys I knew.

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