She Really Says She Fucks Super Well And Gives Off Her Legs

She Really Says She Fucks Super Well And Gives Off Her Legs

Eighteen year old Roma had spent three months working and saving to go on holiday in September to the Med. She was a happy-go-lucky young woman who fancied a holiday alone with strangers. She liked her friends well enough, but holidays with them would be too much booze and not enough snogging. Roma was going on holiday to flirt, to kiss, to dance and, hopefully, to fuck.Roma had not fucked that much yet but she lost her virginity when she was fifteen one lunchtime at school and had learned a bit about cocks since. Where she came from, though, most people seemed quite boring sexually. Roma had always dreamed about sex being much more than just jerking a man off and having a cock inside her. For Roma, sex was about letting go, losing control, having as many orgasms as men. She hoped a trip abroad would help her discover some of that.Roma had booked accommodation in a chalet run by young girls. Breakfast, tea and supper were provided, lunch she would find herself and evenings were an open book. In September the heat of the day would be less, but she still reckoned sex at 10pm on the beach would be best. Or maybe at 6.30am if she went for a dawn swim and met a hunky runner on the sands...The first evening Roma arrived, she fell in with the chalet girls, helping them wash up in return for tips about the local night life. Two of the girls, Gina and Beth, seemed her types and the three agreed to go out for a drink and a dance together. Amazing what mucking in could do for you.Roma noticed with amusement that the two girls who were her type had different bodies to her. Gina was shorter, slimmer and had smaller breasts but a gorgeous ass. Beth was taller, had a biggish ass and generous tits, a traditional English piece of hot stuff. Roma felt they would not bitch physically over boys as they would attract different kinds. Roma asked Beth about Gina when she went to the loo. She learned that Gina had been in town for sixteen weeks and had pulled twelve tourists, happily learning all about sex with strangers a week or so at a time. Beth reckoned Gina would be ready for a real boyfriend when she went home, her sexual education complete. Roma commented ruefully that she would need to pull two a day to match Gina on that score. Beth said that Roma was horny enough to pull whoever she wanted here. Just what Roma wanted to hear.Gina told Roma that Beth had arrived very repressed and naive, had lost her virginity when drunk the first weekend and had then fucked a guy a night for six weeks. Then she met a nice barman and they were becoming happy friends-with-benefits. So Beth would disappear around eleven to meet her man. Roma approved and hoped Beth would remain happy.So when Roma told Gina and Beth her story, being sexually bored and quite inexperienced, they both laughed and told her that here was perfect for her. No parents, no neighbours, no schoolfriends, just a load of horny randy males and females on the prowl.Roma danced happily that evening, just enjoying the music and the company. She thought Gina had a hot body, wondered what kind of men she pulled. She also wondered whether Gina had tried women. Roma had this naughty fantasy about girls, but back home was still really anti-gay, so she kept quiet about it. This week was about men giving her pleasure and her learning more how to pleasure men.She danced with eight men, but was not looking to pull that night. She felt horny and virile but not wanting more. Her nipples were taut, her panties damp, but she had felt respected all night. The men knew she was just starting to relax on holiday, so helped her to do that. Not one even squeezed her arse, which happened every week back home. Gina danced with four more guys after Beth had gone to her man, but she too was not interested in sex that night. She had a nice wet pussy and she told Roma all about it as they walked back to the chalet together. Roma squeezed her hand as she said that she was the same. Gina just took it as being friendly, so Roma parked her thoughts of her and Gina masturbating together in bed that night. Maybe later in the week....The next morning, Roma slept in until 8am and helped herself to a lazy breakfast. She dressed up in ass-tight cut-off jeans, a t-shirt causing her knockers to be centre of attention and a pair of training shoes. She wanted to see how many men would stare at her.The answer was dozens. Roma wandered through town, going shopping without buying anything. She flirted with male servers in a coffee shop, let a bike hire assistant praise her body as she rented the bike for an hour and fluttered her eyelids at an ice cream salesman halway through her ride. Roma was feeling thoroughly relaxed, she was flirting with every half-decent-looking male and knew this week was going to be just great.Roma enjoyed an ice cold glass of rose with a pasta lunch, then decided that the afternoon she would show off her body on the beach in a bikini. She would let some horny guy oil her up if he offered, maybe even let him play with her arse. Roma was ready to pull....But forty five minutes after lying down in her red bikini, no man had approached her, so she decided to make a show of herself, go for a swim, then hopefully see some guy make his play.As she walked to the sea, she saw a dark-haired-, thin- but wiry guy eying her up. She looked straight at his cock, liked what she saw, fluttered her eyes at him and waited for him to follow her in to the water.Five minutes later, he was swimming next to her and they discovered they spoke English. Richard was from a totally different part of the country to Roma, just what she wanted. When Richard's hands gently wrapped around her belly as they sat letting the waves lap up over them, Roma knew she wanted more attention. Richard oiled Roma up, brought his towel next to hers and they chatted, flirted and held hands for an h
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our and a half. Roma realised she wanted more, so they went swimming again and Richard read her mind by asking her to walk along the beach with him. Hand in hand they went and each squeeze made Roma start to feel a bit horny.When they reached a cove, Richard's hands started massaging Roma the way she loved. Starting on the shoulders, then up and down her arms. Then she felt hands on her belly, on her arse, lips kissing her forehead and the hair on her scalp. Roma's pussy was wet, she knew she wanted much, much more.Roma's breasts came out of her bikini, Richard licked then nibbled her nipples, his hands squeezed both her breasts and the first moan of pleasure came out of Roma's mouth. Her hips ground against Richard, she felt his hard cock, but signals were shooting from her bullet-hard nipples straight to her pussy. Suddenly Richard gave her orders. 'Off with your bikini top, get my cock out, fuck my cock with your tits!' Roma shivered with excitement, loving the greater directness, the demands she was happy to fulfil, the glorious feeling of cock in her canyon. Richard's eyes blazed straight into hers, his hands gently held her hair in its ponytail and his seven inch cock thrust proudly up and down in between her soft globes. Roma sensed Richard would cum quite quickly, but it did not worry her. She was sure he would cum at least three times for her and she was sure he would take care of her too. So she cooed at him, teased him to cover her with his manly cum and looked as his face tautened, his desire mounted and she prepared herself for an explosion by closing her eyes so her first experience of the cum would be by touch.Suddenly, one hand held Roma's hair firmly, pointing her head forward. Then a groaning started and cum splattered all over her face, rope after rope of it. Roma had never had cum on her face before and now she was covered in it. It shocked her how happy she was to make a man produce such huge amounts of cum.Before she could say anything, her bikini panties were off her, she was ordered to stand and her legs were spread apart. Suddenly a mouth was sucking her folds, a tongue was fucking her pussy, hands were squeezing her arse. No-one had ever eaten Roma before and the effect was immediate, she moaned, screamed and shook, cumming like she had never cum before. What was more, Richard did not stop after her orgasm ended, he kept eating her, licking her, then he started fingering her asshole. Roma knew she was going to cum again and this time she gripped his head, pressed it to her pussy and as she came again she collapsed down onto the sand.Still Richard did not stop, his cock was now inside Roma's cunt and she was begging for more, as he was starting very gently inside her. Hands gripped her tits as they hung down from her kneeling position and Roma felt truly possessed, not even thinking about condoms, just needing a huge load in her calf bed. When a gentle ass spanking started, Roma knew she had arrived in pussy heaven. She moaned 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Richard!' and fuck her he did, waiting for her third orgasm to break before exploding cum inside her.Roma knew Richard was not finished when a cock was thrust in her mouth, sucking out the last cum before feeling a demanding cock growing again inside her. Roma was so sated, so happy that she just relaxed totally, taking cock to the back of her throat without difficulty. Again and again, her head was pushed right forward, gagging her. But she loved it and Richard always released her before it felt dangerous. It was her first deepthroat but she was loving it.When cum spurted down her throat, Richard gagged her again, making her swallow it all. She felt like his slut, giving him his pleasure however he required it. Roma felt a true woman, knowing how to service a real man.When Roma felt two fingers up her asshole, she could not believe that Richard would cum a fourth time so soon, but it was clear to her that her virginal ass would soon be no more. She was still feeling the submissive freedom of three orgasms and wanted this kind, demanding man to claim her asshole.So she kneeled again, spread her legs and said 'Fuck my ass, Richard, fuck it gently, then fuck it good!'Richard was a perfect gentleman, taking ten minutes to open her with his fingers, ten minutes to fill her with his cock and ten minutes to increase her fucking intensity until the fingers on her clit, the cock in her arse made her cum like never before. For over half a minute she shook, writhed, bucked, moaned and screamed, a hand over her mouth to stop her telling the whole world what an ass fuck felt like. Then she felt cum in her arse for the first time, Richard pulled out and she held him needily in her arms.After a skinny dip to wash Richards cum off her face, Roma smiled at Richard, said 'Thank you Richard, I came here for a fuck a day, and you have topped the class on day 1'. Richard understood, walked her back to collect their towels and kissed her gratefully as they parted company.When Gina saw Roma walk in, she knew immediately her new friend had just been royally fucked. She had looked like that at the beginning of the season.When Roma told her she was going for a shower, Gina came too and told her to tell her all about it. When Gina took Roma's hand to her pussy and said 'finger my cunt and tell me about Richard's cock', Roma took Gina by her hair, fingered her and by the time she said how she swallowed Richard's cum, Gina had squirted all over the shower.'I never did that with a girl before, Roma', Gina said, bashfully.And I never fondled a pair of breasts as cute as yours before, Gina!'After supper, Gina and Roma went to bed early, cuddled each other and slept in each other's arms. Roma's holiday would be Gina's introduction to girl sex. And hers too, for that matter.When Roma was not fucking horny guys senseless, anyway.

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