She's Melted After The Cock, When She Feels It All Gets Wet

She's Melted After The Cock, When She Feels It All Gets Wet

Slowly the door opened. Tom stepped into the room. Julie could see a bulge in his suit pants. He looked at her and smiled.“Perfect. You look delicious, and you followed my instructions perfectly.” He walked into the room, but did not close the door. He looked at her from different angles. She tried to remain perfectly still. Her red lips wide apart, and her hands cuffed behind her back. He pulled over a chair and sat down. He was not sitting right in front of her, but at an angle. She could just make eye contact without turning her head. She started to wonder what his plan was. Why did he not just unbutton his pants and make her suck him?Tom started to take off his tie. “You know you have fans out there on the internet?”“Yes I know. I can’t help but look at the album.” She felt a hot blush come over her face as she said this. “I know you check babe, and I know it makes you hot. That is why I called your account Fuck_toy2016.”She did not answer this time. Tom was standing again, and taking off his shirt. His toned, bronzed torso was now naked. “You should know that one fan sent me an email.” He turned his head to the door while he said it.She panicked. If her mouth had not been open yet her jaw would have dropped. She felt her stomach contract. Julie looked at Tom’s face, which remained perfectly calm.“Don’t tell me there is a man waiting behind that door,” Julie managed.“Not a man.” Tom gestured towards the door, and a woman walked in. “Meet Alice. One of your biggest fans.”“Hi,” the woman said. “Sorry to walk in like this. Tom assured me you would be cool with it.”Julie looked at the woman. She was not un-pretty, but not a real beauty either. Julie felt strangely relieved to notice that the intruder did not look as hot as she did.“Tom,” Julie started, “what have you and this woman…”“Nothing Julie. We have not done anything beyond exchanging emails. I promised I would not touch a woman without your permission, and I have kept that promise.”Tom gestured for Alice to take the chair. She sat down. Julie could feel Alice’s gaze on her. The woman was eating her with her eyes. Tom sat down on the ground before Julie. “Alice is a fan of you not of me. She wrote me that she thinks you are incredibly hot. She is single, bi-sexual and she thinks it is very sexy that you are prepared to push your limits for me.”Julie looked at Alice.“It is true,” Alice said. “I do think you are beautiful, and I more or less suggested this get-together. I am just single again, and I want to live some of my fantasies. Don’t worry. I will not touch your husband.”Julie was confused. She should be angry that Tom had brought Alice into their bedroom. Instead, she was relieved that Alice was not Tom’s mistress, and Alice’s words had flattered her. Julie knew she looked hot, and feeling too horny to feel ashamed about it.“Tom, what is going on? What have you promised this woman?”Tom looked his wife in the eyes. “Alice has this fantasy of watching you suck my dick. I think you are ready for this next step. I think you are ready to earn the nickname Fucktoy.”Julie looked at Tom, and then at Alice. Her shoulders ached. She wanted to lie down, to take her time and think. She realized there was no time. Tom had set this up, and she loved him unconditionally. She wanted to be what he asked her to be. Even if that meant that a strange woman would watch her suck Tom’s cock. She would do it for him, for Tom.She straightened her back, tilted her head back slightly and opened her mouth again. Tom got up and started to unbutton his pants. He took them off. The bulge in this underwear suggested he was only half erect after all the talking. Out of the corner of her eyes, Julie saw that Alice had taken off her blouse. She was wearing black lace lingerie. Tom started to pull down his boxers. His cock sprang forward. It was almost fully erect now. He stepped out of the shorts, and walked over to his wife. Alice had zipped open her skirt, and was now only dressed in black lace.J
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ulie bent her head forward with her mouth wide open. She took as much of Tom’s cock in her mouth as she could. She felt him get harder inside her mouth. Slowly, she let his cock slide out between her bright red lips. She started to lick the whole length of his cock; the tip of her tongue slowly tracing a line from balls to head. She knew she was good at this. Tom had made her watch a number of porn movies with what he called, “Perfect blowjobs”. Julie realized Alice had the same view as the cameramen taping those porn movies. She could almost picture herself. The horny wife in red lingerie working a hard cock for all she was worth. The handcuffs were bothering her. She needed something between her thighs. She turned her head slightly. Partly to give Alice a better look at her blowjob skills, and partly to see her. Their eyes met. Alice licked her lips. She was leaning back on the chair, and rubbing her crotch slowly. Tom noticed what was going on.“What are you looking at Alice for Fucktoy? Do you want her to touch you?”Julie looked up. “Yes,” she said with a small voice. She was surprised by her own lust. To hide her shame she concentrated on Tom's manhood again. She used her tongue and lips to tease the head, 'popsicle technique,' Julie called this to herself. She felt Alice move onto the bed, and sit down behind her. Soft hands landed on her shoulders. They tenderly stroked her back. Slowly, Alice's hands started to knead Julie's sore shoulders. Soon, the hands explored a larger and larger area. Alice knew how to make a woman's body respond. It was getting hard to concentrate on giving Tom the perfect blowjob. Alice pulled down Julie's bra, and grabbed the big breasts. “These are wonderful,” she whispered in Julie's ear. “Please make sure to come all over these big tits mister husband.” Alice rolled Julie's nipples between her fingers.Julie looked up. She saw a happy smile on her husband's face. She closed her lips around the hard shaft again. Slowly sliding up and down. Taking it as deep as she could. She felt a hand in her hair. Gently, her head was pushed forward and pulled back. Alice was now in charge. The hand in her hair decided how deep she took Tom's cock, how long it stayed in her throat and how slow it slid out of her mouth. Tom’s breathing got heavier. Julie noticed the telltale signs of his fast approaching orgasm. He pulled his cock back, bent his knees and started to stroke himself just above her large breasts. Alice moved to the side to get a better view. Julie saw Tom’s muscles tense and felt his warm sperm land on her tits. She was relieved that he had not shot his load in her mouth for her to swallow.Tom took the handcuffs of Julie’s wrists. He bent over and kissed her tenderly on the lips. He walked over to the chair, and sat down. “Thank you Fucktoy. You have earned the name now.”Julie was not sure if this was really a compliment in her book, but she smiled anyway. She still had a warm, wet sensation between her legs. She was aching to touch herself. “Do you want Alice to reward you for the show you gave her?”Julie stared down at her breasts. She saw Tom’s sperm slowly dripping down. She felt another blush coming up. She looked at Alice. Who was slowly massaging her crotch through her black panties. Alice put one finger up in the air, and slowly rotated it. “Yes, I want her to finger me,” Julie blurted out.Alice smiled. She knelt down in front of Julie, and slid her hand between Julie’s legs. The touch was almost electric. The warm pressure of Alice’s hand on her wet pussy felt incredible. Julie moaned and started to ride the hand. Alice’s fingers crept under the string, and started to play with Julie’s wet lips. Julie grabbed Alice’s arm with both hands. Immediately, the fingers pushed deeper. It felt great, better than Tom’s fingers. Alice seemed to know her way around Julie’s pussy as well as she did herself. It did not take long for Julie to climax. The muscles throughout her body contracted, she screamed and collapsed onto the bed.

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