Vanessa Phoenix fucks hard in her pussy and her good sister's cock

Vanessa Phoenix fucks hard in her pussy and her good sister's cock

I am a haunted man. Haunted by a demon that has invaded my mind. A demon that has made the darkest parts of my soul surface without mercy. A demon who's grip on me has sent me into the realms of insanity. That demon's name? Leah. Meeting her was a revelation. It awoke something in me that I can't even dare to understand, something dark, something primeval and something very dangerous. I am infatuated with her but more than that, I crave her. She consumes my every thought, waking or asleep and the hunger I feel for her is driving me beyond all reason. I thought by having her that I'd feel some sort of peace but to my dismay, it has only made it worse. I want to devour her, dominate her and more than anything, I want her to want me to. I'm not proud of my feelings. I have never felt like this before and it's killing me to want these things but I can't help it. I am honestly starting to wish I had stayed away from this place but the guilt of missing my dad's wedding made me come. Now I can't leave. It's been a week since I last saw her and it's been the worst week of my life but it's about to get better. Arriving back at the house earlier I heard her mum talking about her coming down and my heart almost exploded. I have been counting down the hours and now, finally, I hear the taxi pull up outside. She bursts through the front door like a hurricane. "Mum?" she calls out, "Are you here?" "We're in here, honey," Becky replies. I hold my breath. "Hey," she says as her eyes travel over everyone. When her eyes meet mine she holds the look a few seconds, a smile creeping over her perfect lips. Acting like I couldn't care less is the hardest thing I've ever had to do considering the way my heart is hammering in my chest. She looks amazing! Her clothes and hair are wet from the rain and it only adds to her allure. "How are things?" Becky asks. "Oh you know, same as always. How are things here?" she says as she peels off her wet jacket. "Good too. Me and Michael are leaving for our cruise tomorrow and Matt has got himself a job." "He has?" she asks looking at me. "Yeah," I say and cough to clear my throat, "Just some bar work. Nothing special." "So you're staying then?" Her surprised tone makes me wonder if it's a good or bad thing. "Yeah, I was considering it. I'll see how it goes." "That's great," she says cheerfully, "Okay, well, I'm just going to jump into a shower and get out these wet things." she turns and walks away. I am instantly hard at the thought of her naked. The way her hands will slide over her soapy body and the way the water will dampen her skin. Fucking hell! I have to get a grip! I mumble something about going to bed and head up the stairs. As I pass the bathroom I hear her singing. God she sings in the shower! This girl will kill me! I head down the hall towards my room but halfway there I change my mind and slip into her's instead. It's a sweet room. Very her. The flood lights from the driveway bathe it in a soft glow so I can see enough of it without turning on the light. I walk around looking at her stuff, picking things up, putting them down again and wondering why I've never bothered to come in here before. I pick up a silk scarf and run it through my fingers and stick it in my back pocket when I hear her coming down the hall. I jump behind the door and when she comes inside the room I close it behind her and clamp my hand over her mouth. "Shhh," I whisper in her ear as she struggles. Hearing my voice calms her and she relaxes against me. I pull her hard against me with my other hand and hold her there. "Leah..." I sigh as her scent hits my nostrils, "I'm not going to hurt you but I need you to stay quiet. Do you understand?" She nods her head. "I've missed you," I say huskily as I rub myself against her. "Have you missed me?" Again she nods her head. My hand moves up from her waist to run along the top of the towel she's wrapped in. Her skin ripples under my touch. "Am I scaring you?" I ask. She shakes her head no and as if to prove that point she grinds her ass into my throbbing dick. "Do you trust me?" She nods. I take the scarf from my back pocket and slip it over her eyes, tying it behind her head. "Will you do what I ask?" I ask her. "I..." she starts to say before my hand covers her mouth again. "I said be quiet. Will you do what I ask?" I ask again. She hesitates for a moment before nodding her head. "Are you sure?" There is no hesitation this time as she nods. "Don't make a sound and stand still." I take my hand from her mouth and move to stand in front of her. Her lips are slightly parted and her breath is heavy making her chest heave. I ease her back until she is against the door and using my foot, open her legs wider. Grabbing the towel I pull it from her and step back to admire her. Her body is amazing. Her small waist is in contrast with her wide hips and her breasts are more than a handful. Her nipples are already erect and I reach out and gently run the back of my hand over one. Her sigh is soft and makes my blood boil with need. I run my fingers down her body, over her belly and slip a finger into her wet pussy. She gasps as I work my finger in and out of her. I add a second as I wiggle them about trying to find her sweet spot. I know when I've hit it because her whole body tenses and her breathing becomes rapid. I add another finger and work them in and out, each time returning to the spot that is driving her wild. Using my thumb I circle her clit and as her legs begin to shake I use my other hand to cover her mouth to suppress the moans that are pouring out of her. She grips my shoulders as her whole body convulses and her juices coat my hand as her orgasm rushes out of her. I slow the movement of my fingers to allow her to ride it out and when I'm sure it's over I pull them out completely. I feel her smile spread under my palm and it makes my heart skip. I lick my finger, wanting to taste her and have a thought, "Have you ever tasted yourself?" I ask. She shakes her head. Moving my hand from her mouth I bring my
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finger up and wipe it along her lip. She opens her lips slightly and I slip my finger inside. Her tongue rolls over it as she sucks it in. "Does it taste better than me?" She shakes her head. I take her hands and lead her over to the bed. Turning her around I ease her down on to the edge of it. I slide down my shorts and boxers and step up between her legs. Placing a hand on the back of her head I run my dick along her lips. "Taste it," I demand. She wastes no time and greedily sucks it in to her mouth. The warmth of her mouth and the feel of her tongue makes it dance with delight. Her lips are burning as they slide up and down my shaft and I fight the urge to thrust into her. I gently rock my hips pushing it deeper and clasp my fingers in her hair pulling her head forward to match my rocking hips. She doesn't need any encouragement though as she sucks my throbbing dick right into the back of her throat. "Holy fuck," I whimper. My voice seems to make her more wild as her hands come up to clasp my ass. With a new urgency she forces me forward and takes me as deep as I've ever felt. I begin to lose control as my other hand winds in her hair and I begin to thrust into her. She makes a sound that vibrates along me and I wonder if I'm going to far. Maybe it's too much for her? I pull back slightly but she doesn't let go, in fact she sucks harder and pulls me forward again. My dick is slipping that far down her throat I'm worried I might suffocate her but with my desire winning out, I just don't care. I fuck her mouth like there's no tomorrow and feel my orgasm begin. My breathing is rapid and every thrust has a moan sighing from my throat. With a heat from deep within me, I shoot my load down her throat. "Fucking hell, Leah," I gasp, "You're going to kill me!" Her lips form a smile around my softening dick. God she has the most perfect lips and being swollen now, only makes them more sexier. I pull out of her and lean down and kiss her. The kiss is soft, tender, loving even and it surprises us both. But in all honesty, I don't think her lips could take a hard kiss. They've done enough! I reach up to her face and pull the scarf off her head. Her cobalt blue eyes are bright in the darkness and a little glazed. Our eyes lock and I hold the look for what feels like forever. "You now get to choose what happens next," my smile is shy, unsure of what she'll do, "I can go, or..." I leave the rest unsaid. Without saying a word she stands up and pulls me to my feet, pulling my t-shirt off as she does. Turning us both around she shoves me back onto the bed. Thank god! my mind screams. My dick is already springing back to life as she crawls along the bed, eye's locked on mine. She lifts her leg and straddles me, rubbing her soaking pussy up and down my now fully erect dick. She holds up the scarf that she must have picked up and gives me a wicked smile that makes my belly flip. "I think it's time you were the one who's quiet," she says confidently. My eyes try to tell her 'no chance' but the smile her strong voice produces, gives me away. Quick as a flash she has the scarf tucked in my mouth and tied behind my head. "That should shut you up," she says as she runs her tongue along my bottom lip, nipping it roughly with her teeth. Her nails scrape down my chest as she settles back down on me. The heat and wetness emanating from her pussy has my dick itching to be inside her so I move my hand down to position myself but she bats my hand away. With a look that shakes my whole soul she growls, "Don't make me tie you down!" I chuckle at her boldness and lay my hands gently on her legs. She grasps me and gives a few long, slow pulls before placing the head against her opening. With her eyes locked to mine she eases herself down, taking me all the way inside her. A long soft moan flows from her mouth, "Oh god..." Oh god is right! I think as the heat that envelopes my dick almost drives me over the edge. She is so hot it feels like I'm burning. The heat is in contrast with the wetness I feel as she slides up and hovers with just the head inside her. When she slams down on me I tighten my grip on her legs and buck my hips up to match her thrust. Her nails dig into my chest as she rises and falls, faster, harder and hotter than before. Sweat glistens her skin as the reflection of the rain from the window dapples over her, giving her a rippling effect that I find hard to look away from. I slide my hand down and pinch her clit, rolling it between my fingers and making her pant. "Oh, Matt," she croaks, "Fuck meeee," she cries out as an orgasm burst from somewhere deep inside her. Her juices flow so hard that they seep up on to my belly, matting my hair and making the whole thing a lot more slippery. She slows her pace as the orgasm rolls over her so I flip us over and raise her legs to settle on my shoulders. Without letting her calm I thrust into her with rapid succession and pound her hard. My moans are more like growls as they are forced through the gag still tied round my face. I reach forward and grip one of her nipples, pinching hard and with a thrust that almost splits her in two I shoot everything I have left deep inside her. My whole body shakes with the intensity of it and I can barely breath. I rip the scarf off and suck in gulps of grateful air. Sweat pores down me as I pant hard trying to control my rapid heartbeat. I flop down beside her gasping for air. After a while my heartbeat returns to a semi normal state and my breathing levels out. I reach out and pull her against me and she snuggles in without question. It feels good to have her this close, to feel her heart beat against me, to have her leg wrapped around mine and to have her fingers trail lazy circles over my chest. "Matt?" she says softly. "Yeah?" "Are you really staying?" I turn my head and kiss her hair, "Yeah," I whisper, "I think I am." "I'm glad," she says. My heart snaps as she snuggles closer and falls asleep and I stop fighting what I've been trying to deny, I am deeply in love with this girl!

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