He fucks her with great revenge for cheating on him

He fucks her with great revenge for cheating on him

I met Rogan attending a friend’s birthday party. It was one of those ‘you, me, and fifty other people’ functions that I had always hated. There is no intimacy at these gatherings, and everyone walks around chatting superficially. Rogan, however, made an impression on me for two reasons; firstly, his unusual name, and secondly because of his size.He was a very big guy and had a huge head and a very thick neck. His arms and chest looked like they belonged to a silverback gorilla. Apart from his intimidating size, he had a killer smile, and the naughtiest eyes I had ever seen.Rogan was a power-lifter. He wasn’t one of those boring ‘let me tell you all about myself’ individuals, but when asked, explained the three basic disciplines involved in the sport; squat, deadlift, and bench press. His gut wasn’t huge but substantial. Strangely, I found him attractive.Don’t get me wrong, I am not a ‘checklist’ individual, and meet and greet people at face value without preconceived notions. It was just that I had never before encountered such a big butch man at a gay function. In fact, I checked with the host to find out if he was actually gay.With him standing six-foot-six-inches-tall and weighing over two hundred and fifty pounds, I looked like a dwarf next to Rogan. After we were introduced he seldom left my side. Throughout the night my giant stuck to me like glue. Everywhere I went his huge frame followed me like a monumental shadow.As the night wore on his affection toward me also seemed to escalate. He constantly had his huge hand, which looked like a baseball mitt, on my shoulder or back. During the evening I almost felt like I had been ‘claimed’ by him.When I finally did my goodbye and thankyou's, Rogan followed suit. In the parking area outside Rogan asked where I lived. After explaining, he asked if coffee at my place was in the offing. I politely replied that it wouldn’t be a problem.Driving home alone in my vehicle, however, I had a few second thoughts. He was fucking massive! ‘This guy will flatten me like a pancake if he gets on top of me,’ I ruminated.After a short drive, we eventually arrived at my place. As I got coffee on the go, he milled around my apartment making all the requisite sounds of approval. During the evening we had both covered the ‘not involved with anyone routine,’ so that subject was null and void.Once the coffee was ready we sat in the lounge. Making small talk, I asked him about the weights he was capable of lifting. Rogan then got up and asked me to stand before him, which I did. He then told me to make my body rigid.With one hand on my chest and the other on my thighs, he lifted me over his head as if I were as light as a feather. With me in the air, he then began bench pressing my body up and down. After a dozen presses, he lowered me to the ground.Looking up into Rogan’s eyes afterward he smiled and said, “Fuck… you are beautiful,” with his mischievous eyes spinning in his head. Encompassing my body he lowered his huge head and began kissing me.Rogan was an incredibly sensual kisser and there was nothing hectic about his approach. After enveloping my mouth in his thick lips, his tongue began its exploration. My body had never felt so completely captivated and encompassed. Moving his huge right hand behind my head he pulled me into the oral embrace of his eager mouth.Once our lips parted, with strands of spittle still connecting us, he said, “Tonight there are only two people in the world. David… David and Goliath,” he chuckled, before his lips again moved in repossessed me.Lifting my body and placing me over his shoulder, he moved towards my bedroom. Excited as I was, I was still nervous about his size. Lowering me at the foot of the bed he told me to strip. His thick hands quickened the process by feverishly unwrapping me.Once I was naked, his face lit up.“Jesus… you are fucking perfect, David, nothing turns me on more than a small body like yours,” he enthused.For the next several minutes I felt like a Ming vase that had just been purchased by an adoring art collector. His hands caressed me in a state of wonder. My head, shoulders, neck, and torso were fondled by his excited paws. The look of lust in his eyes was eerie, almost reverential, as his breathing became irregular and rasping.‘Oh Jesus,’ I thought, ‘if I am still alive tomorrow it will be a miracle.’As his demeanour began to calm, he began removing his own clothing. He had huge moobs, with large nipples that brazenly extended from his breasts. Rogan’s chest and arms were epic, even bigger than they had appeared in his shirt. As his shoes and socks were removed his thick feet were broad and beautiful. When his jeans finally fell to the floor, my mouth hung open at the size of his thighs and calves.Observing me for a while, he finally dropped his underpants. Rogan may not have had the longest dick in the world, but where girth was concerned, he was in a league of his own. Thankfully, it tapered substantially towards the front. Added to that, he had the most sumptuous balls I had ever seen. They were humongous.“Touch it… feel my cock, baby,” he instructed.Stretching out my arm I gripped the stiffest knob I had ever felt, wh
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ich protruded from his body like a solid piece of wood.‘Oh my god… I am going to die,’ I thought.As I toyed with his dick, I moved my head forward and locked onto one of his nipples. Even his tits were rock solid. Clamping my head against his chest he murmured contentedly, as my teeth lightly nibbled on his hard nipple. Soon he moved my head to the other nipple, with me virtually hanging off the front of him.Letting go my head, Rogan lifted me onto the bed effortlessly. On his elbows and knees, Rogan then hovered over me as his head once again took possession of my mouth. After a short while, he lifted his head and said, “You seem a little tense, baby, turn over and let me de-stress you. Do you have any lotion?”After retrieving the lotion from my bathroom I turned onto my stomach on the bed. Supported on his knees, he sat lightly on my backside before his hands went to work. I had never had such an incredible massage. Every knot I had ever thought of having on my back was pulverized. The strength of his hands and the power of his fingers were mesmerizing.‘If I die tonight,’ I thought, ‘this alone would have been worthwhile.’After a comprehensive workover, he lowered his head and asked, “Was that good, David?”“Yes,” I whimpered.“Great… now its daddy’s turn,” he whispered in my ear.He then rubbed my crack with the lotion, before repositioning himself and pushing my legs apart. On outstretched arms, Rogan’s rigid dick began nudging my manhole.Next, as he commenced a jabbing action I braced myself, before Rogan’s spearing intensified. My tight hole capitulated as his infiltration got underway. After a tentative start, he suddenly impaled me in one fell swoop.“Oomph,” I gasped, with my arse stretched to full capacity.Allowing me no time for me to relax, Rogan started wriggling his hips for maximum infiltration.“Mmm, David… daddy’s all in,” he sighed triumphantly.Rogan now began thumping me manically as I whimpered and groaned. After a short while, he slowed his pace before cocooning me in his mass. Because of his size, my head was pinned down by his huge chest. With his full weight on me, my ‘smother-fucking’ began in earnest and I was literally gasping as his enormous frame pounded me.“Do you like this, David?” he asked.“Yes, yes… fuck yeah,” I stammered, fighting for air.“Must I stop?” He growled.“No, Nooo… Nooo,” I implored, with my lungs fighting for air.Amazingly, minutes later I started unloading as my body battled for oxygen. My orgasm was intense and prolonged, better than any I had ever experienced before. As I squirmed like a randy whore, Rogan lifted onto outstretched arms and with his knees frantically gathering traction on the bed, anointed my hole with a monumental drenching as his cock jettisoned a flood of spunk into me.“Are you okay?” He asked panting afterward.“Never better,” I answered, completely satisfied.Collapsing next to me after our blitzkrieg, we both guffawed in our moist post-coital reverie. Between gasps, he proclaimed, “You’ve got ten minutes to recover, before your backside gets pounded again.”“Oh fuck, no,” I replied, “please have mercy.”“I don’t do mercy, David. I’m an expensive masseur and so far you’ve only paid a small deposit,” he threatened, playfully.“You’re a fucking bully,” I replied, with a fake frown.“That’s right… and I don’t do credit. Tonight, I require payment in full,” he retorted chuckling.Lifting off the bed a while later, he took hold of my hand. Seating me on the floor, with my head placed at the end of the bed, his legs encased my torso. “Time to service my balls, David,” he announced.Leaning on the bed on outstretch arms, Rogan pushed his crotch into my face. Cradling his plump sac in my hands, my mouth began to lick and suckle on his monstrous pouch. I was like a kid who had just been given a tub of ice-cream. The plump sack was delicious and as tasty as a bag of marshmallows. Snorting with delight, I slavered on the delectable treat that had been thrust in my face. With saliva cascading down my chest, Rogan finally pulled away.“My cock… now take my knob,” he announced.The first third was not a problem, but the second third of his dick extended my mouth to an abnormal level. The final third of his cock was an ordeal I had never before transcended. It felt like my upper and lower jaws were in an acrimonious divorce court, fighting for custody. As he pounded my face, I almost blacked out.“Take my fucking cock,” he kept intoning, over and over.When Rogan finally came, I felt dazed. The magnificent flavour of his seed, however, was well worth the strain. It was like the best salad dressing I had ever tasted and was fuckin’ delicious! I smeared the residue off my face into my mouth, like a gastronomic virtuoso at a world famous cook-off.No sooner had he cum, before I was thrown on the bed and genitally embraced by his lips. Rogan almost sucked my dick off my body. Minutes later, writhing in ecstasy, I shot another massive load.With me lazing cross-eyed on the bed afterward, my giant announced, “Let’s get a drink, baby… Next, I want to fuck you with you lying on your back.”How could I refuse?

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