This is the most beautiful pussy of a blonde

This is the most beautiful pussy of a blonde

After he had finished with his speech, like a teacher, he asked if we had any questions. Whether it was the mixture of nerves and jealousy or the fact that I was fighting off a hard on at the thought of them, I shrugged off his inquiry. So it started. He edged himself up in his seat and he said to me, "I will have that drink actually if that's okay? A glass of water?" I obliged but as I left the room I couldn't help feeling I shouldn't have. When I came back in with his water and my wife's vod and black, she was sitting between his legs on the sofa with her back against his chest. His hands were lightly caressing her bare shoulders and through her vest I could see that her nipples were already erect. He asked I put his drink down on the table but she asked for hers in hand, so once again, I obliged. She drank several large gulps before leaning over and placing her empty glass next to his. As she moved back to him he placed his arm around her midsection and his large hand came to rest on her thigh. She appeared to snuggle as she watched his giant fingers lightly circulate on her upper leg. His other hand still lightly caressed her arm but he had taken more of a grip of it and the back of his fingers grazed her boob as it moved. I took my seat opposite the sofa on our pufe. Not quite knowing the correct protocol, I nervously watched on, mute. Eventually his hand left her arm and came to rest upon her left breast. For some time he touched her like this, his fingers would roam to her other boob and circle her nipple teasingly through her vest, and his other hand gently edged its way deeper between her closed legs until she had little choice but to offer some slack. The atmosphere was tense. I felt an overwhelming need to break the ice with a needless observation but I bit my tongue and watched on in silence. She was getting more and more turned on, and so was I. For a brief moment his left hand disappeared behind her back as he appeared to reshuffle his tackle. Then it came back with added confidence as it slipped down her vest top and gained access to her bare boobs. He tweaked and rolled her nipples in his fingers and she reacted with deep, sexy breaths. His other hand had now forced its way upwards between her soft legs, and locked onto her crotch. Her legs closed around it tightly as if in denial but it was clear she wanted it there. Her head circled back to his touch, exposing her beautiful neck and he started kissing it gently. The longer it went on the more her movements became lustful until she was full on gyrating her hips, rubbing her lower back against his cock. She could obviously feel it because she appeared to be working it. I began to feel a bit like a spare part. He had taken her under his spell far more quickly and easily than I had envisaged and It was now as if I wasn't there. She leant her head around as he kissed her neck and for the first time on that night they kissed. It was like a spear through my heart, and pants. My wife and I had briefly discussed a no kissing rule before we even found this guy and I had assumed it was in place. Obviously she had forgotten or the temptation was just to much. Either way they were now kissing and tonguing each others mouths. His hand left her breast and fell upon her cheek as her kisses took him, such soft passionate lips would own any man. They were now kissing very deeply and the last of her reluctant guard slipped away as her legs fell apart. His hand was quick to reply and his fingers began to rub her most intimate place, through her leggings. He worked her roughly with his fingers and her breathing increased to a slight groan as he found her clit. He seemed to know just how to touch her as she writhed lustfully under his finger. This was what I'd dreamt of, now all I had to do was enjoy it. He fingered her fleshy patch like an expert, her pelvis moving to his touch, ever grinding itself against his strong fingers. All the time he still kissed her, even as she grappled for air he forced his tongue into her mouth, her breaths hard and sexy. Soon her body stiffened and she exhaled a breath laced with orgasmic release and their kiss broke as she became limp in his arms. He'd already made her cum and she hadn't yet removed her leggings! Somehow I knew by the look on his face that he knew he was in for a treat with this one. With a sudden energy she pushed herself upright. She had obviously turned to see how his bulge was doing when she let out a gasp of sorts. She looked up at him and he smiled. They shared an intimate kiss and he whispered something to her. I didn't like that but what could I do? She then stood up facing him and he placed his hands on her thighs running them around onto her bum, my bum! Then his fingers took hold of her waistband and slowly he lowered her leggings allowing her to step out of them. Until this moment I had been glued to my seat, partly in fear of getting in their way and partly to hide my hard on. But at that moment I felt unable to stay seated. I had noticed when she stood with her back to me that there was a wet patch halfway up the back of her vest top. It all of a sudden became apparent where it had come from. As she kicked her leggings off and went to her knees I saw that his cock was out and standing to attention. At first glance I truly thought he'd put a
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large dildo down there. But as my wife latched onto it I saw that it was very much attached to him, and real. It was beyond huge. I've seen a lot of porn in my time and I've always liked big cock porn too, and this was definitely big cock. It may of looked so big because this was real life and it was my wife's hand grasping it and playing with it, no. It was just huge! It also looked darker than the rest of him. It was a proper big thick brown monster, but on a white guy. It had to be over 10 inches long and it was fat and swollen, and mean looking. The weirdest feeling came over me as I stood and watched my wife slowly wank him off. Predictably guilt and jealousy, but the overpowering feeling was lust. A deep lust from the pit of my stomach that only came out when it sensed fear. Her fingers couldn't even meet her thumb around its girth, and at the centre of its length it appeared to bulge further, as if he had a pool ball stuffed down it or something. I couldn't believe how quickly she moved onto it. She hadn't even thrown me a 'what the fuck!' look. This was to much for her surely. This was way to extreme, way to painful. But as she wanked him off and gently licked its head I couldn't help wondering what if, so I remained silent, and horny. I positioned the foot stool and took my seat, my presence once again un noted, I watched on in disbelief. My wife was attempting to take his bell end in her mouth and she was doing a fine job of it. Her mouth stretched around it as he gently caressed her hair. She could take no more than the head and about an inch, but she persisted with that and he was loving it. Her hand never stopped in its slow pumping motion on his shaft. For quite some time her head bobbed slowly up and down in time with her strokes. He simply lay back with his hand on his forehead, moaning quietly, loving every second of it. He had to stop her in the end, I'm quite sure he was close to exploding in her mouth when he withdrew. His bell end was dark and wet and possibly even more swollen than before. My wife had certainly given good head. He looked as hard as a rock and she once again moved for it. This time he sat forward placing his hands on her shoulders, his fingers releasing her vest straps as he halted her eager advances. It fell to her waist exposing her breasts. Somehow her lovely boobs looked better than ever now that they were at the attention of another man. He took hold of his cock now and gently stroked it as he rubbed her milky tits. His large hand almost smothering them both as he firmly needed them. Her nipples reacted instantly, stiffening to his touch. Lustfully he leant in taking one in his mouth, biting and pulling at it roughly. She let out a sexy groan in support running her fingers through his greasy black hair. As he pulled away his teeth kept hold of her hard nipple, it stretched, then pinged back on release. There was a flicker of pain in her breath, just for that split second. Then her increasingly lustful eyes met his again. She no longer appeared intimidated, now she looked like she wanted to devour him. He placed a hand behind her neck and guided her towards him. Then he started knocking his cock against her nipples, and rubbing it into her fleshy mounds. She aided him by cupping her boobs. She seemed in ecstasy as his huge bell end violated her breasts. It was such a turn on. She closed her boobs around him as best she could and started fucking him with her cleavage. Was this really my wife? I was unsure whether women could actually get off fully through this, or any boob play alone, until that night, but she seemed to be, and later she told me that she did actually climax whilst doing this. He had placed his hands over hers firmly and was now using her lovely tits as a wanking cushion. I remember noticing his thumbs roughly rubbing her nipples. She soon began to move in time with his thrusts and her breathes became shallow and laboured as she massaged his huge tool between her warm soft breasts. I found myself up and craning my neck to get a better view, my hard on now tucked in my waistband, out of the way, surplus to requirements. His cock slipped up and down her chest smoothly. Its head would protrude high into her neck as he pushed up and retreat into the mass of hands and milky flesh as he pulled back. She shuddered to its feel. Once again it was him who put a stop to this. He looked so swollen and ready to burst when they separated. She had definitely took his cool. I think he was quite smitten with my wife. He pulled her to him for a long passionate kiss. It was now 9.00 and they had been at it for nearly an hour already when he said, "Are we going to do this here or upstairs?" My first thought was are we going to do this at all? I couldn't believe my wife would go through with it. His alarming size would surely scare her off. It was one thing blowing him and letting him fuck her tits but surely she wouldn't contemplate intercourse. I awaited her response, expecting her to use her get out clause. I fully expected her to say sorry, we cant have sex and for her to finish him off. I was shocked when she said, "We've prepared the bedroom for it so lets go upstairs". Before I had time to get over it I was dealt another emasculating blow. He scooped my wife up into his arms and asked me to lead the way. 

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