A Young Man Fucks His Cock In The Ass Of The Mature Xxx

A Young Man Fucks His Cock In The Ass Of The Mature Xxx

Chapter 2: The Party Twice Interrupted Starial instructs me to get up. She has me kneel at the end of he bench. I lie forward so that I am in a doggy position. My upper body is supported by the bench. I can't see Starial, but I sense she is giving hand signals for the girls to take their places. I raise up on my elbows to look around. Yanina straddles the bench and sits facing me. She scoots as close to me as she is able and lies back on the bench. She spreads her sexy legs for me. Her large lips are already glistening. Astriel takes her place kneeling next to Yanina and Kirien does the same on the opposite side. Starial gets on all fours and inches up to my ass. She taps me on the inside of my legs, a signal for me to spread my knees wide. The bench is low enough that I can arch my back, exposing my ass and pussy even more. Starial begins kissing and licking my ass cheeks. At the same time, Astriel and Kirien seize Yanina's huge tits with both hands and begin sucking her nipples. I lower my lips to Yanina's pussy. My tongue slides into her hole. Starial's hands roam all over my ass, legs, inner thighs and my back. She licks my wet slit, tickling my sensitive lips and hole. She alternates between licking and kissing my pussy as my tongue explores Yanina's thick lips and wet tunnel. She wiggles her tongue as she slowly pushes it inside me, causing me to moan into Yanina's delicious pussy. Between Kirien and Astriel's nipple sucking and my licking, we soon have Yanina moaning and cooing.After a few minutes, Kirien and Astriel stop sucking Yanina's tits and shift their positions closer towards me. They each grab one of Yanina's legs at her knees and raise them towards her chest, giving me better access to her sweet pussy and ass. I place my hands on the floor and lift my upper body off of the bench so I can better position my face and continue licking Yanina's pussy; sometimes sneaking in a quick, wet lick across her pink asshole. Two fingers replace the tongue that was licking deep into my pussy. The tongue now slowly licks all around my sensitive asshole, teasing me, making me moan loader into Yanina's tasty pussy. Yanina grabs her own bent legs behind her knees. Kirien sucks and nibbles her big swollen nipples. Astriel stands and straddles Yanina's face. Yanina is quick to tongue the younger elf's glistening pussy. I watch Astriel's cute little ass as she rides Yanina's tongue. Starial's fingers slowly fuck my pussy, her thumb lightly stroking my clit. Starial continues her teasing tongue assault on my sensitive asshole. Astriel rides Yanina's face and Kirien sucks Yanina's hard nipples for several more minutes. She turns around to face me, positions her ass over Yanina's face, spreading her little ass cheeks so Yanina can lick her hot asshole. I switch from licking Yanina's pussy to tongue around her asshole, matching what Starial's tongue is doing to me. I feel Starial's hot, wet mouth cover my asshole; her wet tongue softly licking me. I do the same for Yanina, my wet tongue swirling around and over her asshole. Three assholes continue to be tongue kissed as Starial's fingers twist inside my pussy. After a couple of minutes, she removes them and rubs her wet fingers over my clit. The sensation causes me to moan louder. Starial positions a thick dildo at my wet hole. She slowly twists it, lubing the head with her saliva and my juice. Astriel is moaning from Yanina's tongue twisting in her asshole. Kirien sucks Yanina's nipples and rubs Astriel's breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples. Starial twists the dildo on my hole. She slowly pushes inside me, each twist making the dildo sink a little deeper. The thick dildo parts my lips, stretching my tunnel wider. I break my mouth lock on Yanina's ass to let out a very loud moan. Starial continues to twist; the dildo is two inches inside of me. She reverses and twists as she pulls the dildo slowly; twisting several times before the head pops out. Starial hands the dildo to Kirien, who rubs the wet head on her lips, then kisses me. I kiss and lick my juice from her lips. Kirien looks at me sensuously and begins licking the dildo, savoring my sweet nectar. Kirien pushes me away from Yanina's exposed holes and rubs the phallus up and down Yanina's thick pussy lips and across her clit several times. Starial licks my pussy and ass, sometimes sliding two fingers deep inside me. I watch as Kirien pushes the thick cock inch by inch, without stopping, until the dildo is as deep inside Yanina as it can go. Yanina moans as Kirien twists the dildo a few times, then quickly pulls it out of her juicy cave. The sensation causes Yanina to let out a louder moan. Kirien shows me how wet the phallus is and lets me lick the head. She hands the dildo back to Starial. With the head of the dildo positioned at my hole, Starial pushes the juice soaked toy into me in a steady motion until it can go no further. I yell and bury my tongue deep in Yanina's honey hole, trying my best to get all of her precious juice. Astriel continues to ride Yanina's face, rubbing her asshole and pussy over Yanina's long tongue. Yanina grabs her and shoves her tongue deep in her pussy, stabbing it over and over inside the tiny girl's hole. Yanina then stabs her stiffened wet tongue deep inside her ass. Astriel squeals from the intense pleasure. Starial is stabbing her tongue deep in my ass. She wiggles her tongue; trying to get as deep as she can. She pulls and pushes the thick dildo in and out of me, sometimes rubbing my clit between strokes. I feel hot passion building in my loins. My mouth covers Yanina's pussy and attacks her clit. I ravage her swollen nub with my lips, tongue and teeth: sucking, licking and lightly nibbling her big pink jewel. Kirien joins Starial and rubs my clit with her fingers as Starial fucks my pussy with the long fat cock and tongue-fucks my asshole. The room fills with the moans of Yanina and the slurping and smacking of my lips on Yanina's wet pussy and clit. Yanina releases her grip on the tiny body of Astriel. She reaches for her own pussy and quickly spreads her long thick lips for me. I step up the ferocity of my oral assault on her clit as Starial increases the speed that she is fucking me with the thick dildo. Yanina's breathing and moaning are heavy and erratic, her body jerking when I bite her clit. I nibble at Yanina's clit until it sends her over the edge. Her hips and legs and huge breasts convulse as she has an intense orgasm. I lick her clit and lips and hole until her quaking subsides, but soon my own orgasm begins to build. Kirien's fingers rub faster and harder on my clit. Starial hammers the dildo in and out of my burning pussy. She twists and slams the phallus in and out as fast as she can, smacking my ass with her other hand. Yanina rises from the bench. Her fingers find my nipples, pinching and releasing over and over. Kirien's quick fingers and Starial's relentless pounding of my pussy send me over the edge. I grab onto the bench and hang on for the ride. My clit and pussy are burning. Waves of pleasure rip through my loins. My body shivers and quakes as intense sensations take over. Moaning and screaming, my pussy tightens around the dildo, clenching and releasing rapidly. My head spins as my orgasm peaks; a final scream and my body collapses. Starial slowly pulls the dildo from my burning pussy. She licks my slit, tongues me deep, sending aftershocks through my body. Kirien and Yanina help me to my feet, and I turn to face Starial. She hands the dildo to Astriel and kisses me, sharing my own sweet juice with me as our tongues lick and circle. I watch as Kirien, Astriel and Yanina lick the shiny, wet dildo. They kiss me and share the juice. They each know how much I love to juice-kiss with them. Kirien and Yanina assist me to my throne and help me sit. Yanina takes her seat to my right, Starial to my left, and Kirien kneels at my feet. Astriel, at the request of Starial, pours us all a shot of JD. We clink our glasses and drink. Starial disappears to the bedroom and soon returns. We have another shot of JD. A young woman bursts through my door, someone I had never seen before. What the hell? Who is she? What is she doing here? I'm definitely not in character at this point. The young woman looks strangely familiar. She appears to have been crying. Her hands are bound in front of her and she has a collar and a chain around her neck. Kirien jumps up, "Eria!" She runs to her and hugs her tightly. Okay, Eria? Kirien obviously knows her, Yanina and Astriel look shocked, and I'm sure I look shocked, too. Eria speaks for the first time."I was captured by orcs and they were leading me to their cave, but then an elven hunting party slaughtered most of them. I escaped and ran here." Eria looks at me, "Please, your highness, I beg you, may I have refuge here with my sister?" "Hold the fuck on, everyone!" All eyes turn to me. "Sara... bedroom." She follows me and I close the bedroom door. "Sara, would you mind telling me what is going on?" I'm not angry, but this isn't cool. Sara knows the rules. We both approve new people to our parties. Sara tells me that, since I have brought Kelly into our group and have invited her to live here, she feels like I did it to show her appreciation for something wonderful that she did for me. She feels that I gave her Kelly as a present: someone to keep her company while I am at work at nights. In a way, I had, but Kelly is an equal in our relationship. We both benefit from sweet Kelly's presence and love. Sara says, "I love you Jessy, and I wanted to show you in my own way my appreciation and love for you. You gave me Kelly, and for your birthday, I wanted to give you someone as a gift tonight." "You know the deal, we both meet and decide on someone new, not just one of us. I wish you had discussed this with me." Sara steps close to me. "But Jessy, that would have ruined my surprise for you. I have already met her and discussed many things with her and Kelly. Kelly is one of us, and she should have a say in these matters, too." She had a point, damn it. I pause for a moment, then say, "Kelly knows her? Oh, fuck! Eria really is her sister." My eyes wide, my mouth open, I nearly bust my own lip smacking myself. My brain is in shock. Sara smiles. "Yes she is. You gave me Kelly, now Kelly and I want to give you her sister. Kelly loves you very much and wants to show her appreciation as well by giving you a wonderful gift. Erica has been very eager to meet you and play with us." So her real name is Erica. Eria, hmmm, just drop the 'c' and that's her elven name. Clever. "Go get Kelly." She returns a moment later. I scrutinize Kelly, ask her if all that Sara has told me is true. She confirms everything. "Does Erica know what we do here?" Kelly says she has told her sister all about Sara and I, and about our orgies. Two months ago, I had mentioned to the girls about possibly adding another male and female to our group, just to get a feel of what everyone thinks. Sara tells me how this plan transpired. Kelly consulted Sara, wondering what I would think about adding her sister. A week passes. That's when Sara began cooking up this amazing birthday party. She consulted Kelly and they met with Erica. Sara questioned her, explained to her about our group and everything that goes on at our orgies. Erica was dying to be a part of it all. "So, Erica understands that, under normal circumstances, I call the shots? She must be willing to do what I direct?" Kelly answers that Erica is fully aware and will do anything at all. "Go get Erica." Kelly returns with Erica, still with hands bound and collar and chain around her neck. She dressed for the part, that is certain. She is wearing a white lightweight roman-style tunic that falls to mid-thigh and is tied with a gold belt. Gold sandals strapped to her feet, similar to the pair I am wearing. Her long, light brown hair is french braided. Standing next to Kelly, they could pass for twins. "I'm Jessy," I tell her. Scrutiny is obviously in my voice and gaze. She smiles. "I am Erica. Very pleased to meet you, Miss Jessy." Damn, she's cute. "You know what we do here, right?" I give her a cool look. "Yes, ma'am," she answers confidently. "Everything?" I ask, looking at all three of them. Sara and Kelly both nod. "How old are you?" She is twenty-three. "Boyfriend, Girlfriend?" She dumped a boyfriend two weeks ago. I'm looking at her, thinking what to ask next, or what to do next. I turn and ask Sara and Kelly if this is a one-time thing, or is this their candidate for a permanent member. Sara answers that Erica is their candidate. "And what if I say 'no'?" "Kelly and I will note whatever you choose, but we will over-ride you with a majority vote," she says in a mildly challenging tone. Hmmm. "So it's a 'go' either way." I approach Erica with a slightly evil grin. I look deep in her eyes. "Can you handle what we do here?" "Yes ma'am." "I will be the judge of that. Not counting tonight, you will have a test to pass. If you pass it with flying colors, you are in. If you fail, you are out. If you are marginal, a vote will be held, and every member will decide your fate." She smiles, beautiful white teeth glistening. "Yes ma'am, I completely understand. I will not fail you. I am Kelly and Sara's gift to you and I will be every bit as hot as Kelly and prove I belong in your group." I can only smile at her response. Every bit as hot as Kelly? Makes me wonder if she has perfect tits like her big sister. A gift from Sara and Kelly? What stupid bitch would turn down such a gift? I'm not stupid. Prove she belongs? This girl is sexy and her confidence makes her even more sexy. "What shall I do with you three conspirators?" Sara and Kelly laugh. With a twinkle in her eye, Erica says, "Kiss me." Well, she isn't as shy as Kelly was when we first met her. She looks sexy with her hands bound, collar and chain around her neck. I kiss her softly to test her response. She barely parts her lips. I feel the tip of her tongue touch mine. We enjoy a very sensual kiss. I pull away from her and ask, "Are your tits as awesome as Kelly's?" Without hesitating or blushing, she says, "You will find out tonight." I certainly will. I tell Kelly and Erica that I need to have a serious conversation with them tomorrow. I have Kelly take Erica to the bathroom to prep her and instruct them to return to the living room when they are done. It's time to have a private conversation with Sara. I ask her, "Have you 'auditioned' Erica yet?" She says no. Tonight will be Erica's first time. I'm not in the least bit mad at Sara; she had the most wonderful of intentions. How can I not love this woman? Her love never ceases to amaze me. "We have got to stop gifting girls to each other!" We both laugh and hug. Damn, I love this girl. "Sara, as far as 'majority votes' go, I cannot allow them, for the sake of all of us. Either it's a unanimous decision, or it's nothing. If one person casts a 'No' vote, then that vote overrules two 'Yes' votes. I never have forced anyone to do anything they did not want to do, and I'm not about to start now. Everyone in the group has a voice when it comes to selecting a new person... " "But... " "No buts about it. You, Kelly and I must all agree, and that's final. After that, the new candidate will be introduced to the rest of the group. Any member can cast a 'No' vote, and that candidate is out. What if we find someone and it turns out to be one of our member's ex's or their mortal enemy? They will not be forced to play with someone they can't or won't play with. Tough titty for the candidate. We are a family, and we must treat everyone with the same respect." "You are totally right, baby," Sara says. "Yet I do have a 'but'... But you know you wasn't going to turn her away!" What can I say? She is right. "You are a fucking genius," I say to Sara "What do you mean?" "This party: everything. And the way you chose to sneak Erica into the group. Fucking brilliant!" Sara smiles and kisses me. "Jessy, your love is where I get my inspiration." I have to choke back a tear. She reaches for my hand. As we head for the bedroom, Sara says to get back in character. I tell her I need to pee and detour to take care of that. When I get back to the living room and sit, Yanina and Starial are sitting next to my throne; Astriel, Kirien, and Eria are kneeling. Astriel has already poured us all a shot of JD. She looks confused about the new girl; Yanina seems undaunted by her. Starial suggests Kirien should introduce the newcomer. Kirien stands. "Itara, I present to you my younger sister Eria, who wishes to serve you for giving her refuge in your sanctuary." "Eria, your service is accepted, conditionally." I turn to Yanina and ask, "Her costume?" "Yep... made that one, too," she proudly states. "You bitch, you were in on this, too. Four conspirators!" Everyone laughs, except Astriel, who asks Eria if she really is Kirien's sister. Starial asks Astriel, "Can't you tell from looking at her?" Laughter follows. Astriel seems a little smitten. "Well, yeah, I'm just shocked is all." She turns to look at Eria and smiles and winks at her. Eria winks back. Kelly, now out of character, makes a formal introduction to everyone. "Eria, it would seem you are a bit over-dressed for the occasion. As my new conscript, your first order is to... "Astriel cuts in. "I got this, Miss Itara," she says and everyone laughs as Astriel helps Eria to he feet.Astriel removes the collar and chain and Eria slowly and sensuously raises her arms. There is a twinkle in her eyes as she looks at me. Astriel unfastens the gold belt and hands it to me, then slowly removes Eria's tunic. All eyes stare at the hem of that tunic as it slides slowly upwards, revealing lightly-tanned thighs. I'm glad Astriel is taking her time. This is fucking sexy as hell. Eria's shaven mound is revealed, looking every bit as delicious as Kirien's pussy. Astriel continues to raise the hem higher and Eria bends at the waist so the tunic can be completely removed. Eria quickly covers her breasts with her hands. She straightens up, takes a step backward, and slowly lowers her hands. Her gorgeous pink nipples appear, then the whole of her breasts. Her hands continue down to her mound. We are staring at a near-identical set of Kirien's perfectly shaped and super firm breasts. She has the same large pink nipples and pink areolas as her older sister. Cheers, cat calls and clapping erupt. A very confident Eria smiles and poses for me. Yanina shouts, "I wanna see your momma's tits next." Laughter erupts and Eria says, "I'll certainly look into that for you." We laugh even longer. Starial demands that Kirien stand next to Eria. We all marvel at the beautiful and perfect breasts and Starial tells Astriel to pour another shot for us all. Starial raises her glass and proposes a toast, "To the best two sets of titties in all of Middle Earth." Yanina adds, "To the Titty Twins!" Cheers erupt and we empty our glasses. I'm salivating. My mouth doesn't know which tits to suck. "Put the collar back on Eria so I can tell these beautiful bitches apart." We share another laugh and another shot. I reach for Eria's chain and gently pull her over to me. I declare, "Since this is my birthday, you are mine and mine alone tonight, especially your tits... unless I say otherwise." More laughter erupts. Some of us take a bathroom break. Starial exits the bedroom as I leave the bathroom. We share a hug and a kiss. When we take our seats, all hell breaks loose! Through the door charge three of the scariest looking orcs I have ever seen. The first to enter was Balzak (Tom, of Tom, Dick and Harry, my Three Cockateer friends). He is wearing a mask of the pale orc from The Hobbit movies. The full-head mask has the mouth area cut away, his exposed skin painted grey-white. He wears a metal breastplate held on by leather straps over his shoulders and around his waist. Below that he wears a wide leather belt that has thick leather flaps attached. These flaps covered his front, sides, and backside. His bare arms and thighs are painted pale white and gray. His animal hide boots are covered with black metal shin guards. He carries a crude-looking scimitar blade. The second orc to enter was Mogash (this would be Harry). He is wearing a full-head rubber mask of the Uruk-hai orc that killed Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring. He wears a thick, sleeveless leather jacket layered with riveted leather squares. It's not exactly a movie-authentic look: in my opinion, it is even better. Below the leather jacket is a gladiator-style dark brown skirt that falls to mid-thigh. His leather studded boots are almost to his knees. His exposed skin is painted black and maroon. He carries a blackened sword. The third orc (this is Dick) is wearing a full-head Uruk-hai mask of the type of orc that marched on Helm's Deep in The Two Towers movie. He wears spiked shoulder pads covered in thin leather, a leather jerkin, and a huge leather belt with a wide leather panel hanging in front and in the rear. His arms and legs are painted black and maroon. He wears huge leather boots with multiple straps up the front. He carries an authentic looking Uruk-hai sword. To sum up, these costumes are amazing. So amazing, they scared the shit out of Astriel, Eria and myself. My heart was pounding in my chest. I thought I would piss myself. Balzak grabbed Eria and muttered something in orcish, and dragged her towards the door brandishing his blade as he went. Mogash speaks. "Balzak only wants the elvish wench that escaped us. He has designs for her when we get back to the cave. Might produce him a few children over the next thousand years... if he doesn't fuck her to death before then." Turning to me, he says, "I'm here for a lot more than a single, elvish slut." "Who the fuck are you, and what do you want with us?" I yell at him. He scans the room, eyeballing each of us. He leans forward, laughs at Yanina and then at me. "I am Mogash, the last creature you will see alive. What I want with you, you'll see soon enough," "Well, well, boys! Looks like we stumbled into the royal summer retreat. The fucking Queen herself is here, along with her witch of a daughter." The boys growl and yell; shaking their weapons in the air. "So, what are we celebrating ladies?" He reaches for my breast, pawing my titties and pinching a nipple. Yanina smacks his arm away and yells at him, "Don't you fucking touch her, you vile creature from hell." He laughs loudly. "Or what? You'll tell the King? No. He is leagues from here by now, drawn off by my army of orcs. Even you can't protect your own lands anymore. How do you think we got here?" He scans the room and see the food we were feasting on. "Balzak, Gorfuk, throw away your maggoty bread. Looks like meats back on the menu, boys!" (I started to laugh at that movie reference, but I have to stay in character) The evil orcs growl like animals as Mogash shows them a handful of pork, then crams his mouth full. Gorfuk joins him. Balzak pulls a screaming Eria along with him. The boys shovel food and ale in them as fast as they can. When they finish eating, Mogash singles out Yanina. "Your power grows weak, sorceress. No longer can you hide your lands from your enemies. Me and the boys had no trouble at all entering Gothring. Your luck is about to run out." Balzak grabs a stool and sits, dragging Eria to the ground in front of him. He grabs her collar from behind, pulling her up to a sitting position. Gorfuk stands watch. His sword is at
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the ready. Mogash proclaims, "I have no use for you Yanina. Tonight these wenches will die. Me and the boys are going to fuck you all to death. Or, you'll kill yourselves eventually when you learn you carry a half-breed orc baby in your filthy guts." Yanina rises and defiantly challenges Mogash. "I doubt you and your lackeys can fuck me to death. If you can fuck me to death, do it. If you can't, let these girls go and don't spoil them with your vile seed." Mogash laughs in her face. "A challenge! I like a challenge. But, sorceress, you still have power. Not a fair challenge at all, spirit-bitch. I will accept your challenge, but you will not be the heroine tonight. Your half-witch/half-elf daughter can be. Maybe she can win the lives of her sluts!" A look of horror sweeps across Yanina's face. "No! Do not touch her." "You try to trick poor, dumb Mogash... only I'm not so dumb. I know you can't be fucked to death, or slain by blade. For your trickery, your daughter will pay the price. If me and the boys can't fuck her to death, then we will spare the rest of these bitches." Yanina starts to protest, but I interrupt her. "I will accept this challenge and win our lives." Mogash chides me. "Bitch, the only thing you are going to accept is orc cock tonight, whether you want it or not. Now tell me what you sluts were celebrating tonight or one of your bitches will be missing a titty." "We were celebrating my birthday, asshole." Mogash didn't seem too pleased about being called an asshole. "Birthday? Asshole? Don't give me any ideas bitch. Too late. And too bad for your asshole." I take a step towards him and say, "Here's an idea for you, asshole, shut your sewer hole and let's get this over with." Mogash seemed taken aback at my demand to get this shit started. "Not so fast, wench. Me and the boys are going to have some fun with these other sluts first." Yanina, Starial, Kirien, Astriel and Eria all protest. Mogash explains, "The challenge to save their lives did not exclude me and the boys from fucking them." Yanina protested, "The agreement was that their lives would be spared and you would leave them unspoiled." Mogash fires back, "I only agreed to spare their lives. I did not accepts your terms, only mine." Mogash pushes me back into my throne. "Sit there and watch this, elvish whore." He grabs Yanina and Starial and throws them on the divan. "Bring your nasty wench over here, Balzak." Balzak drags Eria by her collar to the bench in the middle of the room. He lets Eria drop to the floor, props his weapon against the wall, and removes his chest plate. Mogash jerks Eria off the floor by her arm, lifts her up, and sets her on the bench on her knees. "Lean forward. Put your face on the bench." Her legs tucked under her, she does as she is told. He pulls her arms out in front of her and demands that she grip the bench. "If one of your hands leaves this bench, I will chop it off!" Balzak unbuckles his belt and lets it fall, exposing his half-erect orc cock. Mogash orders Astriel on her knees in front of me, facing to my left. Balzak steps up to her. "Watch this whore, you will watch everything me and the boys will do to these sluts. If you fail to watch, one of your bitches will lose an eye every time," Mogash demands of me. Mogash turns to Astriel. "Suck that cock like your life depends on it... because it does." Balzak, who had been stroking his cock, has reached full erection. Eight inches of orc cock glistens with vile pre-cum. Astriel wraps her small hand around the cock and strokes it a few times. Mogash demands that she lick it. She does, but after just three licks, Balzak shoves his cock deep in her mouth. "Fuck his cock with your face, bitch," orders Mogash. Balzak mutters something in orcish and thrusts his hips to meet Astriel's face. After a couple of minutes, Mogash orders Astriel to lick Balzak's ball sack. "Do it good, or you die." Astriel complies and points his cock upward and begins licking his scrotum. I watch as her tongue glides over his sack many times. Balzak seems unaffected. Mogash exclaims, "If you don't make him groan, off with your head." Astriel opens her mouth wide, sucking one of Balzak's large nuts into her mouth. Her tongue and lips lick and suck. She does the same to the other nut while stroking his thick hard cock. Soon she has Balzak is groaning and moaning: Astriel will keep her head. She keeps sucking his balls for a few minutes, then licks her way up Balzak's shaft. She aims it at her mouth and squeezes at the base of his shaft, stroking his cock, producing a large drop of precum. She lets it fall to her waiting tongue and licks all around the head of his orc cock. Balzak is moaning and groaning even louder and more often. He curses in orcish. Mogash smacks Balzak with the flat of his blade, "Don't you cum in her mouth, get this bitch over here pregnant." Mogash turns and smacks Eria's ass with his blade. He tells Astriel to stay put as Balzak pulls out of her mouth and aims his cock at Eria's upturned ass. Before Balzak gets to her, I sneak a glance at the other girls. Yanina, Starial, and Kirien are all fingering their pussies. I wink at them and they smile. Mogash tells Gorfuk to get ready to fuck these whores. Gorfuk removes his upper body armor and unbuckles his belt, tossing them aside. Balzak bends to lick Eria's pussy and ass before rubbing his cock-head up and down her slit. She moans in protest, but to no avail. Soon she is wet enough and Balzak slams his cock balls-deep, impaling her. He holds his cock deep inside as her body struggles to escape. Gorfuk grabs Kirien by the hair and pulls her over to where Astriel is kneeling in front of me. He tells her to get on her knees facing the other elvish slut. The two girls are between Gorfuk and I. He smacks each girl on the face with his near nine-inch cock. It's thick and heavy and makes a slapping sound when he strikes them. He orders both to start sucking his cock. Balzak slowly pulls out of Eria's violated pussy, then slams it back in and remains there, watching her body writhe some more. She screams in pain as he repeats his assault on her tender pussy. Astriel and Kirien's lips and tongues work on Gorfuk's cock, sucking and licking the sides or his shaft. He orders Astriel to lick and suck his balls as he face-fucks Kirien. After a few minutes, he has them switch duties. Balzak pulls out of Eria a little faster now, and slams it home, stopping only for a moment before he pulls back again. Soon he is building up speed and, after a couple of minutes, he is slam-fucking her sweet hole as fast and hard as he can. Poor Eria is moaning loudly. Her face is buried in the padded leather cushion of the bench. Gorfuk now has Kirien and Astriel's mouths together and is sliding his cock between them, fucking their lips while they lick his shaft. A big drop of precum falls from the orc cock, landing on Kirien's right breast. Curious to see what orc cum tastes like, I wipe the precum with my finger and lick it clean. Hmm, not bad for orc cum, almost like elvish precum. Gorfuk continues to use Kirien and Astriel's mouths, sometimes shoving his cock deep in one mouth and then the other. Balzak pulls his cock out of Eria's burning pussy, his cock shiny from her juice. He spits on her asshole and pushes a finger deep inside. Eria's body jerks, but she doesn't cry out. He finger fucks her elvish ass for about a minute, then spits on her asshole again. He rubs his cock head all over her asshole. I watch as the head slowly enter her. Eria's body stiffens, her hands gripping the bench tightly. Balzak doesn't stop until he is completely inside her. Amazingly, Eria did not make a sound. Mogash had been watching me watch Gorfuk and did not see that Balzak had plunged his cock into Eria's tight ass. When he discovers this, I thought he was going to skewer Balzak's ass with his blade. Mogash yelled, "You better not cum in her ass." Balzak nodded. Mogash removes his armor and his leather warrior skirt. When he turned to face me, I see his fully erect nine-inch cock standing at attention. The head is wet with precum. He wants these elvish mouths on his cock. He pulls Gorfuk away from the kneeling girls. Gorfuk, now standing fully erect with nothing to do, looks over at Eria. He straddles the bench, positioning his cock at Eria's face, grabs her hair, and forces his cock deep in her mouth. He orders her to suck his cock, which she does, as Balzak slowly fucks her sexy ass. I watch Astriel and Kirien suck Mogash, and listen to Eria's muffled cries. Gorfuk fucks her face, and Balzak pounds her ass. Starial had one leg draped over Yanina's. Both women finger and taste each others pussies while they watched the action. They both smile at me as they lick the juice from their fingers. I slide my fingers into my pussy. I suck my fingers dry. Astriel and Kirien lick Mogash's balls as he strokes his thick cock. Kirien moves to the base of his shaft, slowly sucking and licking the underside of his thick cock until she reaches the head. The side of her mouth wipes orc precum and it runs down her face. I just cannot resist. I lean forward and lick the clear liquid from her face, just before she turns her head and swallows his head. I sit back in my throne, savoring the pre-cum. I look over at Eria. Balzak wraps his arms around her waist and attempts to pick her up, his cock still buried deep in her ass. She would not let go of the bench. Gorfuk grabs her wrists and rips her grip and Balzak raises her in the air. Her small body is still impaled on his orc cock. Gorfuk wastes no time shoving his long cock deep into Eria's dripping pussy. She lets out a yell: the two thick cocks fill both of her young holes. Her yell attracts Mogash's attention. He spins and says, "I thought I told you not to let go of that bench." I jumped up and got in his face, "Gorfuk jerked her hands off of the bench. Punish him, not her." He asks Gorfuk if this is true. A nod confirms what I said. Gorfuk continues to slam his cock into Eria. "There will be no punishment." grumbles Mogash. Mogash pushes me to my throne and sits in Yanina's chair next to me. He orders Kirien to suck his balls and Astriel to suck his cock while he watches his boys ravage Eria's stuffed holes. He orders me to watch Eria. After only a couple of minutes, Eria's young body stiffens; her breathing and moaning are erratic. The orcs fuck her hard, bouncing her body up and down on their swollen cocks. She lets out a guttural scream as her body quivers and quakes, waves of pleasure coursing through her young body. Balzak and Gorfuk grunt and groan in approval at her orgasm. Mogash turns to me, "Your elvish wenches will lust for orc cock before we turn our attention to you. Only you will not love what we do to you." He slaps his hand into my crotch; two thick fingers bury into my wet pussy. He withdraws his fingers and licks them. "Elf juice. Not bad for an elvish witch-whore like yourself." Astriel and Kirien continue to orally pleasure Mogash's huge cock as Yanina and Starial squeeze each other's tits and taste their juice. Balzak and Gorfuk continue bouncing Eria's body, sinking their thick cocks deep inside her. After a few minutes, Eria is quaking again, screaming as her holes clench and release around the orc cocks hammering into her. She lets out a yell that subsides to a moan, her almost lifeless body held in the air by orc arms and impaled on their cocks. Balzak groans something in orcish and pulls Eria off of Gorfuk's cock. Eria almost falls to the floor as Balzak lets her down easy. He pulls his fat cock from her ass and slips the head inside her pussy. Balzak lets out a loud growl as he spills his vile orc seed into her precious pussy. He lets go of Eria's waist and she falls flat. Her pussy makes a popping sound as Balzak's cock slips out. Mogash commands Balzak to stand in front of me. He steps over Eria's lifeless body, his still hard cock pointing at my face. Mogash grabs my neck and pushes my head towards Balzak's cum and juice covered cock. "Clean that nasty elf juice off his rod." I lean forward, taking the cock in my mouth. Balzak grabs my head and shoves his cock down my throat. As he withdraws, I tighten my lips around his shaft, scraping all that delicious elf juice mixed with orc cum. When I get to the head, I feel a big drop of hot orc cum land on my tongue. "Yeah, you're a fucking elf-slut for sure. You'll be an orc-cock whore before the night is over," says the evil Mogash. Balzak steps back, his still hard cock searching for its next victim. Gorfuk is staring at Kirien's ass as she kneels before Mogash, licking and sucking his nasty balls. I get up to check on Eria, she's breathing heavily. I tell Yanina and Starial to help me. Mogash growls at me "What do you think you are doing? Sit your ass back down, bitch." I ignore him and whisper to the girls to position her over me. I go to lay down on the bench, but Mogash grabs my arm and spins me around. "I fucking asked you, what are you doing?" I defiantly tell him, "I'm going to lick that orc cum out of Eria's pussy so she doesn't become impregnated by you vile creatures." Cheers erupt from all the girls. Mogash jerks my arm and says, "You can't do that." I stare him down and say, "Your challenge says if you and your boys can't fuck me to death, their lives will be spared. It does not limit me to fucking only you and your boys." Mogash jerks me and growls. "You see Mogash, I know about orcs and their challenges. It's the only thing you slimy fucks honor. And, I know your boys will rip you into warg-feed if you try to alter the terms of the challenge. Poor, dumb Mogash should have specified the conditions of this challenge." (I totally made that shit up, but it's the only way to make it so I can lick Eria's pussy clean.) Balzak and Gorfuk take a threatening step towards Mogash. Growling, he shoves me away and stares down Balzak and Gorfuk. He thinks better of attacking them. He lowers his blade and sits in Yanina's chair again. I lay down on the bench. Yanina and Starial help Eria squat over my face. They lower her swollen, wet pussy over my mouth. My tongue darts out to lick her wet hole. Cum slowly oozes out. Yanina tells Eria to push. A thick load of orc cum slides down my tongue into my waiting mouth. She pushes several times until no more cum drips from her pussy. I swallow the cum, then tongue her deep, writhing and wiggling my tongue to get any remaining cum and her sweet nectar. Yanina and Starial help Eria stand. Eria kisses me deep before the girls help her to the couch. She leans her body into Yanina. The Queen comforts and cuddles her. I return to my throne and see Astriel between Mogash's legs, licking his balls and shaft. He orders Starial to suck his cock. She kneels beside him, taking the big red cock head into her mouth. Balzak and Gorfuk have grabbed Kirien and have her doubled over. Balzak pounding her pussy from behind as Gorfuk fucks her face. They change positions and continue impaling her. Balzak's cock disappears in Kirien's mouth. She chokes on his cock, but he continues fucking her throat. Soon she has her rhythm and is taking Balzak's eight inches into her throat. Gorfuk wants some of her throat and switches places again. Kirien struggles at first with the slightly longer and thicker cock, but soon she can handle Gorfuk's full length. Balzak pounds her wet pussy hard and fast. After a few minutes, Balzak spits on Kirien's asshole and slips his thumb inside, slamming his cock into her at the same time. Mogash tells his boys not to cum anywhere but in her pussy. I look over at Mogash to see him bobbing Starial's head up and down on his cock. After several minutes, Astriel sucks his nuts then bites the base of his cock. This causes Mogash to jerk and growl. He pushes Starial away and stands, knocking Astriel backward. He steps over her and pulls Gorfuk away from Kirien. Astriel and Starial are ordered to service Gorfuk's cock. He sits in the chair next to me and Astriel gets back to licking balls while Starial sucks and licks his cock. Mogash shoves his cock in Kirien's mouth. Balzak rubs his red helmet on Kirien's asshole and shoves the head inside her. She tries to scream, but Mogash shoves his cock to her throat. Both orcs are pushing hard until Balzak is completely in her ass. Mogash pulls out, letting her breathe again. He fucks her mouth deep and fast. Balzak matches his strokes and they skewer Kirien from both ends. Her fingers claw at Mogash hips, fingernails almost piercing his orc hide. After a few minutes, Mogash pulls out and lays on the low bench. He demands that Kirien ride his cock. Balzak, still deep in her ass, walks her over to Mogash. Kirien grabs his huge cock and aims it at her pussy. As soon as she starts to lower herself onto it, Balzak shoves her down hard. Mogash's huge cock disappears inside her stretched pussy. She lets out a yell and collapses onto Mogash's chest. Both orcs hammer away at her tightly filled holes. I look over at Yanina and Eria. Yanina winks at me as she fingers Eria's pussy and tickles her perfect breasts and nipples. Mogash calls out to Gorfuk, "Get the little one ready." Astriel will be next. Gorfuk pushes Starial's head away from his cock and orders Astriel to turn around and sit in his cock. She does so and Gorfuk grabs her around her chest, pulling her back into him. "Place your feet on the chair and bounce your pussy on my cock," barks Gorfuk. Astriel complies; soon she is riding him like there is no tomorrow. Gorfuk orders Starial to lick his balls and shaft as Astriel rides his thick cock. Balzak growls. I turn my head to see what's going on. He lifts Kirien off of Mogash's cock, slides his own cock out of her ass and deep into her pussy, slam-fucking her stretched hole as hard as he can. He howls as he empties his swollen nuts deep inside Kirien's dripping pussy. As he pulls out, his final spurt of cum lands in Kirien's ass-crack and slides down into her gaping asshole. Mogash orders me to clean Balzak's cock. Mogash commands Kirien to climb back on his cock and ride him. Balzak grabs my head and shoves his cum-covered cock down my throat. My tongue licks the underside of his shaft as he slowly pulls out. I grab his cock and squeeze it at the base and stroke it towards the head, getting that last drop of cum. I lick juice and cum from his balls and lick his shaft again. Before Mogash can protest, I lick Kirien's gaping asshole and ass crack clean of Balzak's cum. Mogash orders Gorfuk to his feet. Astriel slides her pussy off of Gorfuk's cock and climbs down off of the chair. I glance over at Yanina. Eria is eating the Queen's pussy. I wink at Yanina and she smiles at me. Balzak takes a seat next to me and utters something in orcish and pinches my nipple. I smack him. "Better not touch me until your Daddy tells you to." He growls like a bear, but he leaves me alone. Kirien rides Mogash's huge cock with her cum-filled pussy. Balzak's cum has leaked out and collected at the base of Mogash's thick shaft. Mogash orders Gorfuk to take her ass. Gorfuk aims his cock, still glistening from Astriel's sopping pussy, and in one stroke he buries himself deep in Kirien's ass. She screams and moans and bucks her hips trying to get off of the huge cocks, but Mogash and Gorfuk have her firmly in their grip. Mogash and Gorfuk both growl and howl and fuck her stuffed holes. Mogash orders Astriel and Starial to service Balzak's cock. Astriel climbs on Balzak's cock and rides him in the same fashion as she did Gorfuk. Starial is ordered back to ball and shaft licking. Eria is on her knees, her hand between her legs fingering her pussy as she eats Yanina's pussy. Yanina watches the tiny Astriel ride Balzak's cock while Starial licks his balls and shaft. Kirien is moaning and sobbing as the brutes fuck her holes hard and fast. An orgasm grips her, sending waves of sensations all through her body. Her legs quiver, her head thrashing around, screaming and groaning almost like an orc. Mogash and Gorfuk growl as her holes orgasm around their big cocks. They continue to pound her holes as her orgasm subsides. Mogash tells Balzak to get Astriel's ass ready. Astriel protests, but Balzak chokes her and mutters something in orcish. She rises up off of his cock. Starial spits on her fingers, and rubs it on Astriel's tiny asshole. Starial slides a finger inside her ass to lube the poor girl and stretch her tight hole. She gathers more spit and slides two fingers inside. She twists her fingers to help loosen her tight ass. Balzak grows impatient and growls. Starial spits on his cock and lubes him well. She aims his cock at her tiny ass, and Astriel lowers herself onto his thick orc meat. I watch Mogash and Gorfuk hammer away at poor Kirien. Gorfuk grabs her by her braid and pulls, her neck craning upwards, her back arching. He slams his cock deep inside her while the huge cock in her pussy fucks hard and fast for several minutes. Gorfuk releases her hair, grabs her hips and rides her ass furiously. Kirien moans like a whore; panting and groaning. It's not long before another orgasm grips her. Kirien fucks back wildly on the two huge cocks pummeling her sweet holes. Her body thrashes until her pussy explodes. She stiffens as the brutes continue their orc-cock assault. Her clenching pussy sends Mogash over the edge. He howls and pumps his hot load of orc cum deep into Kirien's pussy. Gorfuk pulls out of her ass. Vile orc cum has seeped out of Kirien's poor pussy, covering Mogash's shaft and balls. Gorfuk grabs Kirien by her waist and lifts her off of Mogash's hard cock and sets her on her feet. She collapses to the floor moaning and panting, her eyes half closed. Astriel bounces her ass on Balzak's cock. Starial licks Astriel's pussy and Balzak's shaft and nuts. Yanina and Eria lay on the couch in a sixty-nine. Mogash orders me to clean his cock and balls. I kneel between Mogash's legs and lick the cum from his balls, tasting Kirien's juice as well. Mogash chides me, "You love our orc seed, don't you, fucking witch-whore?" I moan as I lick up his shaft, being sure not to miss any of Kirien's sweet elvish nectar mixed with two loads of orc cum. I get to the head and upstroke his cock with my hand, squeezing out a huge blob of seed. I slurp it up quickly. His cock twitches and I take it in my mouth, cramming in as much as I can, licking and sucking any remaining juice and cum. He growls. Mogash pushes me. I fall back onto Kirien. He commands Balzak to bring Astriel to the center of the room, still anally impaled on his meat. Yanina and Starial help me up, and then help Kirien. I lay on the bench again so I can suck the evil seed out of Kirien's thoroughly fucked pussy. Yanina and Starial support her as she squats over my face and pushes two loads of orc cum onto my lips and tongue. I stab my tongue deep inside her hot pussy, licking and lapping and twisting deep inside her, removing as much cum and juice as I can get. Kirien contracts her muscles, trying to expel even more orc cum. One huge blob lands on my chin. Kirien kneels by my face, licks the cum from my chin and lips and kisses me deep. I moan into her mouth, her tongue swirling the cum around mine. I rise to see Balzak hammering away at Astriel's asshole. She is standing, but doubled-over. Gorfuk is face-fucking her, choking her with his thick cock. Kirien is helped to the divan to join Eria. I return to my throne where Yanina sits to my right and Starial on my left. I wonder what will happen next... Chapter 3 coming soon!

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