Two Women Are Made To Suck Cock Both

Two Women Are Made To Suck Cock Both

Chapter One: How It All BeganI was fourteen when my father passed away. Mom and I both grieved but after the first year our sadness eased off, and while I adjusted to life with just the two of us, she withdrew into a shell. She would go to work, come home, keep house and cook for me but no longer socialized with her old friends or went anywhere. She turned down invitations for dinners and parties, and spent her time cooped up at home instead. This was unlike her previous life with dad; she was in a rut.One Saturday shortly after my sixteenth birthday her old friend Krista paid us an unannounced visit. I was on my way out when she pulled in our driveway. I stopped to chat for a minute and she confided that she was on a mission to break Mom out of her shell. Krista was attending a party at a social club that evening, and she was determined to take Mom with her.“It will do her good to dress up, get out and mix with some new folks,” Krista said.“I agree,” I answered, “but I doubt you’ll succeed. She hasn’t gone out anywhere since Dad died.”“Just leave it to me,” Krista answered, as she headed into our house.When I returned two hours later, I was surprised to see Krista’s car still in the driveway. Inside I could hear them upstairs in Mom’s bedroom, talking and giggling. I looked in and found them trying on different outfits, wine glasses in hand and a wine bottle almost empty.“Hi Tom,” Krista said to me, “guess who is going to a party tonight?”Both Krista and Mom were half dressed and posing in front of the mirror. I stood at the doorway watching, and felt my cock responding to this scene. Neither seemed shy about appearing in front of me wearing only bras and panties, as though I was an asexual object.I watched as they finished dressing. They both looked very sexy; short skirts, revealing tops, stockings, and heels, with makeup and jewelry to accent their clothing.“Krista and I are going to go together in her car,” Mom told me, “I left a twenty on the kitchen counter for you to buy yourself some supper.”They made ready to leave.“Don’t wait up for us,” Krista smirked, which caused Mom to laugh.Then they were gone.I spent the evening with my buddies Rick and Bruce. We shot pool, played arcade games and smoked weed. We broke up in time for me to arrive back at the house just before midnight, and I discovered Mom and Krista had not returned.I stripped down to my t-shirt and briefs and started to crawl in bed when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I looked out the window and noticed it wasn’t Krista’s car. A minute later two men and my mom emerged. Mom was unsteady on her feet and was supported by the men, one on either side of her. She was giggling as they walked toward the house.I moved silently down the stairs and took up a position behind the doorway where I could observe them without being seen. They entered the living room and the three of them plopped down on the couch, Mom between them.The men wasted no time going to work on her. They took turns giving her long kisses while at the same time their hands explored her body. Her top was unbuttoned, and her tits exposed. Each man used one hand to squeeze her tits, and the other hand to massage her stocking-covered legs and then her pussy. They kept this up for a couple of minutes, then one of the men hooked his thumbs around her panties and slid them down her legs and off. They both started fingering her, and she made no move to resist, actually opening her legs wider.“I think she’s ready,” the bigger of the two said, “Let’s put her on the floor.”They lifted her and laid her down on the floor, face up, while continuing to finger her pussy. They paused briefly to remove their trousers and shorts, then continued fingering her. Mom was moaning and squirming, obviously enjoying what they were doing.I was both shocked and aroused at the same time. It had never occurred to me that Mom could be so sexual with anyone, let alone men who were strangers.Finally, the smaller man, now naked from the waist down and sporting a large erection, crawled between Mom’s legs and shoved his cock in her pussy. She gave a little gasp as he began fucking her with a steady rhythm.“You wanted this, didn’t you?”, he said to her, “I can tell you need it bad.”“Oh yes, I need it,” Mom replied, “give it to me good.”His stroke grew faster and harder, and he grunted as he blew his load. He pulled out, rolled over and spoke to his partner.“Whew! Her pussy is tight and juicy, just the way I like,” he said, “your turn now.”The bigger guy, also naked from the waist down, had been stroking his cock as he watched. He now moved to take his friend’s place, and in one stroke was balls deep in her cunt. Mom’s eyes were closed but she had a big smile as he fucked her. He quickly climaxed and pulled his cock from her pussy.The two of them began getting dressed and preparing to leave. Mom remained on the floor, eyes closed, big smile. Just as they were about to go out the door the bigger guy caught sight of me standing in the doorway.“Oh hey, Junior. Your mom is one sweet piece of ass,” he said to me, “You should try it out yourself.”And suddenly they were gone.I walked over and looked down at Mom. Her legs were spread, her dress hiked up, tits exposed and her well-fucked pussy naked and glistening. I experienced a mixture of emotions; shock and jealousy but most of all lust. Her eyes were still closed as I knelt, my cock rock hard. I made up my mind it was now or never: I was going to fuck my very own mother.I positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed, the head of my cock entering her. Her eyes opened, and she regarded me with a quizzical expression.“What are you doing, honey?” she spoke, “Oh god, what are you doing?”My next thrust was all the way in. The sexual sensation of fucking my mother was overwhelming, the ultimate taboo. I was forced to acknowledge to myself that this was something I had always wanted but suppressed.“This is wrong, darling,”  she cried, “oh god, oh god.”I continued to fuck her. I soon emptied my balls into her already well-fucked cunt. I didn’t pull out right away but continued to savor the wickedness of what I had done. I felt powerful. When I did pull out she sat up and looked away from me.“You saw what happened when we came in didn’t you,” she asked“I saw all of it,” I answered, “and how much you enjoyed it.”“I’m so sorry,” she said, “But it’s been two years since I had a man, and after a few drinks I couldn’t help myself.”“I’m not judging you,” I told her, “but I’ve been hot fo
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r you a long time. I love you and loved what we did.”She leaned over and gave me a kiss.“We can figure this out in the morning,” she said, “but right now I need you to help me get to bed.”I stood up and grabbed her under her arms, gently lifting her to a standing position. With me supporting her we staggered up the stairs and reached her bedroom. I helped her into the toilet and she peed and wiped herself with the warm washcloth I handed her. Then I walked her to her bed and laid her down. I began taking her clothes and stockings off and soon had her completely naked. As I did this my cock recovered and I was hard again. She looked so inviting, laying there nude, and I knew I was going to fuck her again.I stripped off my t-shirt and briefs and crawled in bed next to her. I spread her legs wide apart, got on top of her and shoved my cock in. She made no attempt to stop me. I fucked her for a longer time than before, and this time she fucked me back. We both climaxed at the same time, and when I pulled out I was exhausted. I gave her a kiss before rolling over and instantly going to sleep.I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. I could hear the shower running. I kicked the covers off and lay there nude waiting for Mom to emerge from the bathroom. In a few minutes, she came out with a towel wrapped around her.“I see you are awake at last,” she said to me, “We need to talk. I don’t blame you for what happened last night—it was my fault. But what we did was wrong, and we need to pretend it didn’t happen.”I didn’t answer her back. Instead, I grabbed the towel she wore with both hands and jerked it from her body. I threw it on the floor and pulled her down on the bed.“Goodness!” she cried out, “Are you sure you want me!”There was no stopping me. My cock was hard and I hungered for some more of her sex. I grabbed her head and brought my lips to hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth. I moved down and began licking and sucking her nipples as I squeezed her tits. She began moaning. I brought my face down to her freshly showered crotch, licking the entire length of her cunt.After several minutes of eating her, I moved up and shoved my cock into her, finding her tight and very wet. I really pounded her hard and she moaned and scratched my back with her fingers. I fucked her for a good five minutes before cumming. When I pulled out and rolled over we were both silent for a moment.Still on her back, she spoke to me.“You really are a stud,” she said, “You’re just like your father; you take what you want, when you want it.”“You like it, don’t you?” I asked her.“Yes, yes, yes!” she laughed, “It seems we were made for each other.”I thought about what had happened to Mom since she came home from the party. In the space of a few hours she had been fucked five times, three of those times by me. We discussed it for an hour or more, and agreed there was no going back, nor did we want to.After that day we slept nude together every night. We had sex each morning after waking up, then again when she returned home from work, and once again at bedtime. It seemed to get better every day, and we didn’t tire of each other. It excited me that I had turned her into a cock-loving slut, which she now freely admitted she was.She would go shopping and come home with sexy clothes and lingerie, which delighted us both. On evenings when I would get together with my friends Rick and Bruce, I’d come home to find her dressed like a whore, waiting for me. She’d suck my cock and I’d eat her pussy, then we’d fuck as she talked dirty to me, whispering how much she craved my young cock.One day she told me she had a special surprise for me, which she would reveal that evening. I couldn’t imagine what she was up to, but I noticed she had a bag from a drug store when she came home. While she prepared supper, I went in her bathroom and peeked inside the bag. All it contained was two disposable Fleet enemas and a bottle of Astroglide. At sixteen, I wasn’t experienced enough to figure out their purpose. I just knew that we never needed to use lube when we fucked, as Mom was always very juicy.After we finished supper Mom told me she would need about 20 minutes before I joined her, and she headed up the stairs. I was in a horny mood so I stripped down as I waited for her to summon me. It wasn’t long before I heard her call me to come on up. I entered her bedroom—now our bedroom—to find her naked except for some pull-up fishnet stockings and a mischievous smile on her face.“What’s the surprise?” I asked her.“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she replied, taking my hands and pulling me to the bed.“Wow!” I replied.The thought of fucking my mother in the ass was the wildest, most erotic act I could ever imagine. Now the enemas and lube made sense. The thought of it took my breath away.“My ass pussy is all clean and ready for your hard cock,” she said, “After this, you will own me completely. I’ve never let a man fuck me this way, not even your dad.”She grabbed the lube and squeezed a big gob into her palm, then slathered it on my cock. She took some more on her finger and worked it in her ass. She grabbed the two pillows and sprawled face down on the bed, the pillows underneath her groin, raising her ass.“I’m ready,” she announced, “but start easy.”I climbed between her outstretched legs and began slowly working my cock into her ass. It was so tight. Mom was moaning even before the head of my cock pushed through her sphincter, but once I was completely in her the moans grew louder.“Is it okay Mom?” I asked her.“God yes,” she answered, “I love it. Please keep going.”I increased my speed and pushed all the way in. She was tight. The sight of my cock disappearing into her ass was so wicked I knew I wouldn’t last long. In another minute I emptied my load. As I collapsed on top of her, her ass continued to give little squeezes to my cock.I stayed on top of her for a couple of minutes, then rolled over on my back.“Was it good, honey?” she asked lewdly, “Did you enjoy fucking mommy’s ass?”“Yes Mom,” I replied, “I love fucking your pussy, your mouth and now your ass.”“So we have something new to add to our repertoire,” she laughed.Things got even more interesting as the days went by. Mom was always finding new things for us to try: role playing, S&M, submission. She wanted me to be open to all kinds of sexual experiences, and thanks to her encouragement I tried things I would never have thought of otherwise. For us, sex never got dull or routine.Chapter Two coming soon: Mom enjoys her son's friends 

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